• Arcadis-WSP/PB Joint Venture

    Citylink Tullamarine Widening

    Melbourne, Australia

Project Summary

The Citylink Tullamarine Corridor is one of Melbourne’s most frequently used freeways, and it is estimated to carry 235,000 vehicles per day by 2031. Due to this intensifying traffic, VicRoads determined that the freeway had to be widened and bridges replaced or strengthened. Arcadis-WSP/PB Joint Venture was awarded the contract to design the new freeway and demolish and replace key bridges – such as the English Street Bridge over the Tullamarine freeway. This bridge posed complex engineering challenges, strict construction constraints, such as eight-hour nighttime construction windows and a compressed completion timeframe, as well as numerous geometric challenges.

Since the project required a multi-discipline team that included engineering and construction teams from around the world, Arcadis-WSP/PB employed ProjectWise as the sole design collaboration platform for all aspects of the design process, including inter-discipline work. To accelerate design, the team used MicroStation’s 3D modeling and clash detection capabilities, which ensure constructability and accuracy and accelerate the modeling process. The final 3D model could then be used by prefabricators, constructors, and site engineers to efficiently make and assemble bridge elements, plan work, and more.

The accuracy of the digital model allowed for seamless prefabrication and construction of the bridge. As a result, the bridge project was successfully completed in just three weeks, from demolition to reopening to traffic, with teams working only at night. The bridge will accommodate the city’s forecasted population increase from 4.3 million to 7.7 million in 2051, which will increase citizen traffic by 200 percent and freight traffic by 270 percent. The new bridge will also reduce travel time by 17 minutes during peak hours and reduce commercial vehicles by 3,000 a day, increasing driver safety.

ProjectWise provided a common data environment where designers and modelers could work on the latest files and information at any time and from any location. MicroStation vastly accelerated the 3D modeling process and empowered all parties involved to execute their work quickly and with assurance. The handling of revisions and alterations was seamless, easily accessible, and controlled with Bentley applications. Bentley View allowed engineers and reviewers to check on the design as it was progressing, rather than at the end, when changes are harder and cost more to make.


Project Playbook: MicroStation, OpenRoads Designer, ProjectWise

  • The 3D model of the new bridge was highly accurate, enabling prefabricators and others to complete their work correctly the first time.
  • The new bridge was completed – from tear-down to re-opening – in just three weeks, which was ahead of schedule.
  • The bridge will increase overall capacity by 30 percent, thus supporting economic growth and a higher quality of life for citizens.
  • Bentley software made the handling of revisions and alterations seamless and controlled.
  • “The extensive application of Bentley products, such as ProjectWise, MicroStation, OpenRoads, and Bentley View has resulted in a successful, cross-discipline collaboration in a controlled environment. This led to confident data sharing that significantly supported the design and development of the project.”

    Rajiv Kalra Senior Technical Director / Structures Lead Arcadis-WSP/PB Joint Venture