• Orbit 3DM Cloud

    Cloud-based Solution for Publishing and Sharing Mapping Data

Share you Reality Data

Efficiently share 360° and planar nadir, street view, and oblique imagery with anyone. Orbit 3DM Cloud enables you to publish unlimited volumes of planar/panoramic imageries, meshes, and point clouds of your mobile, oblique, indoor, UAS, or terrestrial mapping data.

Available using local servers or cloud-based services, you can define user credentials and share your mapping data over the internet to web browsers, mobile devices, and embedded viewers, allowing the integration of the data into any workflow. Orbit 3DM Cloud provides you with a user-friendly, online configuration console with fundamental import and setup tools to manage your 3D mapping content.

  • Access full 3D point cloud view

    • Get the full 3D point cloud view using the HTML5 web client. Easily navigate through terabytes of point cloud data. Measure and extract 3D data based on any 3D LiDAR or DSM point cloud from aerial, outdoor, or indoor mapping projects.
  • Access user-friendly data catalog

    • Receive an easy-to-use online data catalog to connect to your Orbit 3DM Content Manager, the desktop application that is used to prepare any set or combination of 3D mapping data before production and sharing with stakeholders.
  • Create publications with manager console

    • Easily combine 3D mapping projects, basemaps, and other GIS data into publications. Get full control to manage and assign users, user groups, and their profiles, or publish your content in a login-free environment. Easily view log in data, configure your web pages, create direct links by XY or Photoname, and define connectivity by URL, username, and password.
  • Make a third-party plug-in for 3D mapping

    • Build integration or plug-ins to any websites, business software, workflows, standard GIS, and CAD products by connecting to Orbit 3DM Publisher using the Orbit 3DM Plug-in SDK (.NET, Java scripting, and HTMLl5).
  • Measure and extract published mapping data

    • Several intelligent measurement functions are available when sharing data, such as the measurement and extraction of oblique, indoor, mobile, and UAS mapping publications. Users can measure points, lines, polylines, areas, volumes, and circles. Export and save the results after each session.
  • Measure position, distance, line, or area in oblique images

    • Easily take measurements with a single click using a digital elevation model (DEM), triangulation, and many automated measurement techniques. Use HUD measurement capabilities to quickly measure coordinates, distances, heights, and areas.
  • Overlay any vector data over map and panorama

    • Publish vector data together with mobile mapping data and include web feature services in the publication. You can dynamically switch each layer on and off in map and/or panorama views, adjust height for 2D data, control vector data view depth, and control overlay transparency.
  • Publish and request metadata

    • Set your view composition to improve the visualization of your data and request to have the metadata included with your mobile mapping data.
  • Publish in third-party workflows

    • Easily integrate a plug-in for your workflows via the available API/SDK or work via one of the available third-party software plug-ins for Esri, Autodesk, QGIS, or MicroStation.
  • Publish via web with HTML5 WebClient

    • Effortlessly publish street views, planars/panoramas, UAV nadir, and aerial oblique pictures using the web client. Access your shared 3D mapping data via any web browser. Use your log in and password to view, navigate, overlay, measure, and extract.
  • Set up with WebClient, SDK/API, and ready-made plug-ins

    • 3DM Cloud comes with a standard web client (HTML5) and viewer SDK (Orbit SDK). Plug-ins for Esri, AutoCAD Map, QGIS are also available.
  • Share multiple years of mapping data

    • Configure an object search for vector layers or a geocoding search plug-in to record a snapshot of information for a specific time with the required metadata. Efficiently manage several years of mobile mapping data, make the objects selectable, and request attribute information.
  • Show footprints on basemap

    • Instantly gain insight into oblique viewing angles and positions with real-time footprint information. The overlay of the image footprint is an ideal way to navigate because it keeps your focus on predefined locations while zooming and panning.
  • Simple and powerful measurements

    • Quickly measure, attribute, and extract points, distances, polylines, areas, and simple volumes on any available views to see multiple results. Receive options like measuring with images only, image with point cloud behind, 3D point cloud, or 2D map. Easily download the results in a .kml file for export.
  • Store and share 3D mapping data with software as a service

    • Our cloud-based publisher does not require any installation. Easily create an account for your organization, upload data via the Orbit 3DM Content Manager, and invite users to view and use your 3D mapping data.
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