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Advanced Processing for 3D Imagery

Make the most of your data by integrating point clouds, scalable digital terrain models, raster files, and legacy documentation into your infrastructure workflows. You can leverage project data while increasing productivity for a better ROI.

With Descartes, you can take advantage of:

  • Advanced point-cloud data processing 
  • Manipulation of  scalable digital terrain models (DTMs) 
  • Enhanced raster processing 
  • Hybrid workflow combining raster and vector
  • Tools to rectify images for 3D texturing
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  • Build image mosaics

    • Create seamless mosaics of multiple images, aerial photos, or adjacent raster-scanned images to view the complete picture. Use source images in their original form or merged into one file to create an easily transportable mosaic.

  • Convert raster documents to vector drawings

    • Preserve and exploit your scanned documents and drawings. Work in hybrid workflows using raster and vector editing, cleanup, and processing tools to vectorize legacy documents. Isolate a color and extract the associated features via lines or heads-up digitizing at survey-level accuracy.

  • Create animations, videos, and fly-throughs

    • Produce high-resolution orthographic and perspective images by rending snapshots of any size. Set image size and scales using output rulers, scale, and positioning for accurate reuse. Take advantage of intuitive time-based fly-through and object animation system for quick and easy movie production.

  • Create high-fidelity images

    • Use high-fidelity imaging tools to support precision mapping and engineering. Combine imagery in virtually any format and projection.

  • Create scalable terrain models

    • Use and display very large terrain models to increase return on investment on large datasets. Display scalable terrain models in a variety of modes, such as smooth shading with shadows, aspect angle, elevation, slope, contours, and more. Synchronize terrain models with source data such as DGN files, point-cloud data, and more.

  • Detect clashes from point clouds

    • ​Extend the value of point-cloud data into your design process. Whether you are utilizing Bentley's Navigator or Descartes products, clash detection between real-world data and proposed designs can be leveraged in your decision-making process.

  • Drape images

    • Drape an image or mosaic over a digital terrain model to create an accurate, seamless 3D image scene that depicts your project in the most lifelike manner possible with real-life textures and conditions.

  • Edit point clouds

    • Edit huge data sets for point clouds using point layer technology for unmatched editing speed. Move points between 128 layers to isolate areas for detailed editing. Manipulate, clean up, or segment the point-cloud model to clean it, enrich it, and for easier reuse.

  • Measure distances within a point cloud

    • Accurately measure distances between points. Use point information and point-to-point measurements.

  • Model geometry from point clouds

    • Extract break lines, paint lines, surfaces, planes, cylinder, and cylinder center lines from point clouds. Efficiently clip and section point cloud to streamline vector extract process from point clouds.

  • Process point clouds

    • Work on huge datasets with billions of points and rapidly load and unload point-cloud models. Take advantage of real-time, high-performance streaming that provides incredible display performance while visually maximizing point-cloud density, clarity, and detail.

  • Process raster images

    • Use raster processing to add visualization and context to your infrastructure projects. Take advantage of immediate editing of raster data to improve the quality of your project output. Lower costs associated with data maintenance by readily using legacy raster drawings in your workflow.

  • Register vector and raster images

    • Use intuitive WYSIWYG image warping for dynamic warping that overlays vector data on the uncorrected image. Verify the transformation model before resampling the image. Use transformation of the vector data working with the same model and batch resampling of images.

  • Visualize point clouds

    • Visualize point clouds with a wide range of fully blendable shading options to enable easier visual interpretation of imagery or movie content.

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