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Hydraulic Calculator Software

Doing hydraulic calculations in a spreadsheet is an error-prone process.

FlowMaster helps you perform hydraulic calculations for dozens of element types, from pipes and open channels to drop inlets and weirs:

  • Solve for any unknown property
  • Design for any desired characteristic 
  • Produce detailed reports and rating curves on the fly
FlowMaster improves design productivity, ultimately saving project costs.

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    • Calculate hydraulics_EDITED
    • Interpret and present modeling results_FlowMaster
  • Calculate hydraulics

    • Quickly perform hydraulic calculations for dozens of hydraulic element types, from pipes and open channels to inlets and weirs.​
  • Interpret and present modeling results

    • View detailed tables, reports, rating curves, and more, that show results of the hydraulic calculations performed.​
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Easily perform unit conversions for virtually any dimension type including flow, length, velocity, viscosity, area, volume, torque, temperature, etc.

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