• KeyLAB

    Accelerate Your Geotechnical Data

Flexible Geotechnical Laboratory Management

How much data does your lab create? There is not just one test, and each test can generate multiple results. With such diverse and niche data, a small-to-mid sized lab could spend so much time managing that data.   

KeyLAB is the leading laboratory management system built specifically for geotechnical and construction laboratories.

KeyLAB’s clever integration with Microsoft Excel allows you to easily customize worksheets and reports while staying in complete control of your laboratory data. This unique integration allows you to quickly implement the system and reduce the learning curve for all staff.
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  • AGS

    • KeyLAB comes complete with full AGS 3.1 and AGS 4 compatibility so no matter which version you are supporting for each project, your system is the same. You can export data based on test status, samples, and schedules, ensuring that you can keep your client updated with their approved test data at regular intervals.
  • Electronic Scheduling

    • Clients that use HoleBASE can create schedule files that can be imported directly into KeyLAB. Your other clients can use an Excel spreadsheet schedule system that only requires Excel. Either way, you will be able to import their project, sample, and test requests and print the test worksheets off within minutes of receiving their requests.
  • Equipment Calibration

    • The Equipment Manager in KeyLAB will keep track of all items of equipment and notify the QA manager when they are due for calibration. It also tracks any calibration constants or curves that are recorded during the calibration process and allows the current values to be selected from any laboratory test worksheet.
  • Importing From Data Loggers

    • KeyLAB comes with a data logger importer capability that allows you to import data from the leading manufacturers of data loggers.
  • Managing Staff

    • If you employ more than 10 people in your laboratory, it can be difficult to track who is doing what, when they did it, or when they meant to do it.
  • Multiple Report Styles

    • You can produce a test certificate for the test or you can combine tests and samples within a summary table. There is no limit to the number of reports that the data can be included on nor rekeying of any data.
  • Progress Reporting

    • KeyLAB includes a schedule reporting feature that allows you to export a schedule to an Excel report within a few seconds. Schedule reporting will assist the laboratory manager to visually see the progress of each schedule and will keep your client’s confidence high that work is progressing as planned.
  • Reporting

    • Production of reports to PDF or paper is easy with KeyLAB’s batch printing options. Combining the ease of use with the options for customizing your reporting requirements will transform the way you produce your final reports from your laboratory.
  • Schedule Overview

    • KeyLAB allows you to see the progress of each schedule against its due date on a single window within the system.
  • Storeroom Management

    • Storeroom locations can be set up in KeyLAB, and samples can be assigned to them on check in or as they move around the laboratory. Each location can then be queried for an inventory check, and each sample’s location can be printed on the worksheet to aid the storeroom manager locating samples for testing.
  • Test Management

    • The test management interface in KeyLAB will allow you to quickly get an overview of workloads and deadlines in your laboratory across all your active projects. These features will help you avoid embarrassing project overruns and reduce the stress of managing multiple projects at the same time.
  • Unique System Based on Excel

    • Because KeyLAB uses an Excel spreadsheet interface to enter data, the data entry sheets are identical to the worksheets that the staff complete while running tests.
  • Worksheet Design

    • KeyLAB comes with a sheet designer that allows you to incorporate any worksheets or report spreadsheets that you have already or make changes to the supplied British Standard or ASTM sheets.
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