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    Plan and execute better projects

Construction Project Management and WorkFace Planning Software

Construct more efficiently by increasing the visibility, accountability, predictability, and productivity of your construction projects. Begin building with better documentation. Improve WorkFace Planning by automating your work-packaging process. Schedule work more efficiently by coordinating design details with construction tasks. Manage your project documents and costs across distributed teams with 24/7 Web access. You can meet the challenges of today's construction projects using Bentley's construction software.

Discover how construction managers, EPCs, and owner-operators are delivering better projects using Bentley’s construction solutions.

  • Oil and gas industry - refinery, factory, petrochemical plant, stub
    Implement Advanced Work Packaging for safer and repeatable construction projects.
  • Connect your entire team to reduce delays, risks and costs, EADOC, stub
    Complete your capital projects faster with access to up-to-date project data, financial performance monitoring, and an electronic construction record.