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Rail Track Design and Analysis Software

Take your next metro, light rail, commuter rail, or high-speed rail design project to the next level with powerful design and GIS tools. Streamline your workflow by improving communication, reducing rework, and meeting project deadlines for preliminary and detailed rail design of all types.
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  • Analyze rail track gauging

    • ​Gauging analysis ensures that the rolling stock proposed for your track will fit. Design data is combined with CAD models of proposed infrastructure changes to assess the viability of new or changed infrastructure.
  • Analyze rail track regressions

    • ​Convert surveys of track data into full alignments using regression analysis. Determine the best fit geometry alignment of your track from a range of survey data types, including transition types and cant. You can then use this geometry to produce design changes.
  • Design rail track drainage systems

    • Ensuring appropriate drainage is included within rail designs is vital to ensuring the availability of the railway. Preventing storm or floodwater from damaging your rail network through effective design will reduce maintenance costs and increase availability of the network.
  • Design track geometry

    • ​Combine survey, design rules, and operational requirements to generate optimal geometry for your track. Use engineering workflows to produce horizontal and vertical alignments and cant design that comply with local design rules.
  • Generate rail engineering deliverables

    • ​Create engineering deliverables for your rail projects, directly from design models. Contractual deliverables for rail schemes include geographic plans, sections, bills of quantities, stage works plans, and images  These are delivered with controlled approval and distribution.
  • Generate rail track construction deliverables

    • ​Deliver construction, refurbishment, and renewal information from designs directly to the construction sector. You can deliver tamping instructions directly to tamping machines for track realignment, or full scheme plans for major works or new rails.
  • Validate rail design

    • ​Ensure that your design complies with all relevant rail standards. Ensure that design rules and clearance requirements have been adhered to, and use visualization to ensure that the proposed track, signaling, and electrification work with the existing infrastructure to deliver a drivable railway.
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