• i-model plugin for Revit

    Share and access Revit models

Software for Publishing i-models from Revit

Save your Revit models in a way that lets others open them in MicroStation, Bentley Navigator, OpenBuildings Designer, and any other application that can open an i-model, retaining the Revit properties information from the Revit model. You can keep working in a mixed Bentley/Revit environment with the ability to reference Revit models into a MicroStation-based design workflow for coordination purposes, interference detection, and similar tasks. You can use the 2016-2020 versions of the Revit products, including Architecture, MEP, and Structure, with support for the 64-bit versions.

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Use i-models to exchange multi-discipline information-rich models

Learn how every project participant can leverage information-rich models for better access to precise project information.

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