AssetWise Inspections

Reimagining Bridge Inspections through Digital Twins

The Future of Bridge Inspections

Harness the power of digital twins with AssetWise and Microsoft HoloLens 2 to perform inspections from the comfort of your home or office, transforming the process with mixed reality to increase safety and save up to 40 percent in total costs.

Smarter Bridge Inspections


Remote Inspection

View high-resolution digital twins of your assets in the field using the latest technology from Bentley and Microsoft, and minimize your team's exposure to dangerous environments while improving public safety.

Improved Data Quality

Improve the quality of your data by locating and visualizing real-world defects in the digital context of your asset and its surrounding environment.

Rich Experience

Seamlessly collaborate with team members anywhere in the world using digital twin technology that enables early identification, annotation, and resolution of issues.

Maintain Compliance

Accelerate the preparation and timely submission of regulatory reporting requirements, including FHWA, SNBI, NBI, and NBE.

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