AssetWise ALIM

The Foundation of Your Digital Twin

Complete asset lifecycle information system combining documents management, data management, and physical configuration management with proven workflow engine for controlling and managing change in the information to assure accuracy, completeness, and trust.

Trust your information throughout the whole asset lifecycle

Receive digital information from all phases of the design, construction, and operational lifecycle in context for reuse in operations linking asset data, documents, organizations, requirements, people, and processes to deliver trusted information to engineering, operations, and maintenance teams.


Asset Register

Document Register

Integrate disciplines of document control, change management, records management, and distribution. Manage workflows to distribute documents for review and comment.

Tag and Physical Asset Register

Track requirements to functional locations along with the complete physical asset installation history.

Data Consistency

Ensure the accuracy and validity of data over the complete lifecycle. Identify and retain the context of information and its relationships.

AssetWise ALIM

Digital Twin Integration

Operate within the Digital Twin

Easily access and visualize information for remote collaboration, training, simulation, familiarization, site inductions, permit to work, and lockout/tagout.

Immersive Visualization

Enable access to the asset operational information in the context of reality and 3D models, and 2D drawings.

Connected Environment

Ensure all users are accessing a common, validated, and up-to-date source for both project and performance digital twins.

AssetWise ALIM

Configuration Management

Configuration Identification

Define asset breakdown structure and numbering specifications, capture relationships between information and objects and create configuration baselines.

Management of Change

Run impact analysis to understand the effect of any change before it happens, monitor the progress of change and manage concurrent changes.

Status Accounting and Audit

Have access to a full audit trail, down to individual attribute changes, and up-to-date status information for each object, including any outstanding change requests.

AssetWise ALIM