• OpenGround

    Providing the Geotechnical Foundation for Digital Twins

Accelerate Going Digital with Data Management Software

Subsurface digital twins can be vital for assessing and managing risks in infrastructure projects. Accelerate going digital with data management. Better collaboration enables more informed decision-making for any timely adjustments that support safer solutions.

OpenGround®, Bentley’s collection of geotechnical applications, provides a comprehensive solution for collecting, reporting, managing, visualizing, analyzing, and accessing data. Our advanced digital workflows combine both subsurface and surface data into one cohesive design. Providing teams across the supply chain controlled access to a single data source via connected applications or a web portal can significantly increase collaboration and efficiency. The improved access and reliability saves time and money in the planning, design, analysis, construction, and operation of infrastructure projects. 
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  • OpenGround Cloud
    OpenGround Cloud
    OpenGround Cloud is a secure enterprise cloud collaboration platform for geotechnical data management, which empowers teams with access to current and historical project data in a dynamic cloud-based environment.