Upgrade Your Autodesk Perpetual Licenses

If you currently own Autodesk perpetual licenses, you are aware that Autodesk stopped selling perpetual licenses and upgrades for individual applications after January 31, 2016. And, Autodesk stopped offering perpetual licenses and upgrades for suites after July 31, 2016. A perpetual license is a valuable asset. But if it cannot be upgraded and maintained, it loses all of its value. If perpetual licensing is not enthusiastically embraced by your vendor, or if there is uncertainty in the maintenance pricing model, then your organization is in a difficult position.

Bentley has offered perpetual licenses and term license subscriptions for many years. Most of our user organizations leverage both licensing models. We believe that you, not us, should decide what works best for your organization. 

Bentley will continue to offer perpetual licenses. You will not lose this choice with Bentley.


  • You Have a Choice

    Protect the value of your at-risk investment by upgrading your Autodesk perpetual licenses to Bentley applications. Here’s how:

    • Determine the applications you wish to exchange.
    • Contact Bentley so that we can determine your credit.
    • Use your credit toward purchase of Bentley applications.

  • Bentley Perpetual Licenses

    Bentley perpetual licenses are evergreen and always maintain their value under SELECT.

    • Receive updates and comprehensive support. 
    • Use any version of any application. 
    • Annually exchange licenses for other applications. 

    With these advantages, you preserve the value of your software investment and ensure that you have exactly the right software to address your needs.

    Take advantage of Bentley SELECT CONNECTservices today.

  • Exchange your Autodesk perpetual licenses and receive full credit toward the purchase of Bentley perpetual licenses.