MicroStation, the Best Choice for Design Modeling

If you are an AutoCAD user, you have a choice! If your workflow is drafting, you can save money and move to MicroStation PowerDraft, an application designed exclusively for drafting work and producing drawings and other documentation. If you need design modeling capability, upgrade to MicroStation.

Get your users exactly the right tool they need to do their work. Do not overpay for drafting capabilities. And do not compromise on your modeling work. 

The good news is you can get full credit for the current value of your Autodesk perpetual licenses toward the purchase of Bentley licenses and benefit from complimentary learning to make the transition easy.

  • Upgrade your Autodesk Perpetual License now

    Protect the value of your at-risk investment by upgrading your Autodesk perpetual licenses for full credit toward the purchase of Bentley applications.

  • Autodesk Users, You Have a Choice!

    Find out how you can preserve the value of your perpetual licenses with Bentley's licensing options; designed to support project delivery professionals and owner-operator organizations that design, build, and operate the world's infrastructure.