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It has never been easier to showcase the software skills that translate into project success. Report your Professional Development Hours (PDHs) and Continuing Education Credits (CEUs). Share your transcript with managers and project teams. Print certificates of completion for each course you complete. Your personal Learning History gives you the information you need to meet registration and renewal requirements of credentialing associations and licensing boards.

You can easily track the time you have invested in improving your skills. 


  • Earn one (1) Bentley Institute Professional Development Hour for every hour spent learning
  • Demonstrate Bentley software proficiency
  • Showcase your learning achievement anytime, anyplace
  • Generate and print certificates of completed learning for your personal records


  • Quantify the time your firm invests in workforce development
  • Calculate your return on learning investment and measure your team’s learning achievements
  • Establish a competitive edge in knowledge, skills, and experience
  • Create a culture of continuous learning and enable the success of your project team
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