Going Digital in Cities

Leveraging Digital Twins from Concept to Operations

Accelerate Your Pace of Possible with Digital Twins

Digital twins will redefine how you plan and manage your city infrastructure, and how you collaborate and engage with asset and building owners, government agencies, developers, and the public. Imagine how digital twins can help you efficiently plan and visualize at campus and city scale; optimize crowd and transportation mobility; develop a flood resilience strategy; manage public works projects; and support the many things you do to provide a high quality of life for your residents.


Drive efficiency with multidiscipline workflows across city departments and with the engineering ecosystem.


Empower engineering and developer supply chains to meet project goals and engage with cities and the public


Improve asset performance and resilience with data-driven decisions, predictive analysis, and simulation.

Govt of Malaysia

City of Helsinki

Helsinki has a goal to become the most functional city in the world, which requires a focus on advancing digitally with digital twins.

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City-scale digital twins help the design firm support the city’s large, multidiscipline roads and utilities improvement project.

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City-scale digital twin advances planning and stakeholder engagement and fosters innovation with the SmartKalasatama Lab.

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Cities Cities Cities

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