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    CONNECTION Seminar

    Integrated Plant Lifecycle


Date: August 25, 2016 Time: Lunch 12.30 - 1.30; Seminar 1.30 - 6.00 Location: SUNTEC SINGAPORE; Convention & Exhibition Centre; 1 Raffles Boulevard; Singapore 039593 Register Now

EPC firms are facing considerable challenges in the planning, design, and delivery of multi-discipline infrastructure projects. Project owner-operators are demanding higher quality deliverables as intelligent models with greater efficiencies on ever-tighter schedules. 

More than just the traditional design-centric approach, this intelligent modeling extends from the optioneering phase of projects, through the design phases, to procurement, construction, and commissioning with continuous handover of information to operations. 

At this unique event you will see a series of live demonstrations using a genuine dataset from a real process plant. The demonstrations span the entire lifecycle, from developing a single intelligent model to demonstrating collaboration, integration, and coordination across all of the project disciplines.

Session 1:  Advancing ALIM for Comprehensive Project Delivery
As an architect, engineer, constructor, or owner-operator, you face a considerable number of business challenges during the planning, design, delivery, and operations of multi-discipline infrastructure projects. With access to accurate and relevant information critical to success for organizations working on such projects, asset lifecycle information management (ALIM) is widely accepted as being an essential capability moving forward.

During this presentation we will demonstrate how, rather than using the traditional design-centric approach, intelligent modeling must extend from the outset of the optioneering phase of projects. At this stage is where owner-operators can actively participate with EPCs in front-end loading and process optimization. Prior to and during procurement, and following construction and commissioning of the physical asset, there is a continuous handover of the digital asset in a form that benefits its operations and maintenance requirements.

Session 2: The Common Environment for Plant Projects
In this session you will see demonstrations that span the entire lifecycle of a plant project, including the creation of an integrated 3D model to collaboration, integration, and coordination of information that will span from FEL to modification and turnaround.
Demonstrations include solving critical business issues for: 

  • Facilities planning, optimization and FEL – automated layout
  • Detailed engineering/design – steel, piping, electrical, vessel, deliverables
  • Construction execution – WorkPackaging, transmittals, information mobility
  • Project handover
  • Bulk material handling, design, and survey

Application engineers will each play one or more of the roles as the engineering participants or stakeholders in the project. This event will be a live showcase of technologies that deliver Bentley's solution for the integrated plant lifecycle.

Conclusion: Question & Answer Session