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Are you using a comprehensive BIM application that meets the needs of today’s evolving building design industry? If you are using OpenBuildings Designer, then you are. The application is built with your critical business issues in mind and provides a federated data model, comprehensive workflows, and toolsets for architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical disciplines. You also benefit from built-in clash detection, photo-realistic rendering, and many more breakthrough features to handle a wide variety of complex, global building infrastructure projects. Discover what makes OpenBuildings Designer a BIM application second to none and how it offers you a better choice of technology.

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Minimize Project and Financial Risks

Building design firms like yours, frequently work with a multidiscipline team including architectural, mechanical, structural, and electrical engineers, working across different locations on a single project. To avoid rework and to minimize financial risks, you need transparency of project details, the ability to easily communicate across teams, and the capability to integrate data of any size, type, or format.

Here’s how OpenBuildings Designer can help you to address these requirements:

  • OpenBuildings Designer provides a federated data model that enables distributed teams of any size to work on models simultaneously, regardless of their geographic locations, thereby enabling an integrated project delivery.
  • The application delivers DGN file format and supports other third-party products, as well as multiple file formats like IFC, DWG/DWF, gbXML, SKP (Sketch-up), and Rhino enabling seamless data aggregation from multiple sources.
  • OpenBuildings Designer is a one-stop solution that eliminates the need for supercomputers, multiple applications, hardware accelerators, and complex manual document coordination procedures.

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