• Tenaga Nasional Berhad

    Asset Performance Management at Tenaga Nasional Berhad Power Plants


Project Summary

Over the years, Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), the largest electricity utility in Malaysia, implemented a number of asset performance enhancement initiatives such as reliability centered maintenance, generation plant management, enterprise resource management, and predictive maintenance. However, vital information from these initiatives was contained in multiple databases or paper records, leading to lapses and unexpected failures. TNB launched a USD 2.8 million program to centralize condition-based information for any given asset.

Bentley’s AssetWise APM was implemented at TNB’s 10 power plants to integrate the various initiatives into a coherent business process. This software now provides a single platform that captures real-time plant data from TNB’s PI System, data from local gauges, data from the condition monitoring task, and transactional data from SAP. Thus, TNB can now instantly assess the health condition of the asset, enabling engineers to make more timely and informed decisions about interventions, reducing reactive maintenance.

The asset performance management (APM) initiative reduced the risk of plant failure and downtime, as well as the risk of major equipment faults or failures. Efficiency gains are achieved through improved planning and scheduling of the right work at the right time. With fewer outages, TNB can produce uninterrupted power for its customers. Savings achieved through improved maintenance and revenue increased through continuous production may potentially produce total savings in excess of MYR 117 million.


The integrated APM system manages and displays field data on AssetWise APM. This information is deployed to users in the field and on site using hand-held devices. Having a centralized source of critical information aids analysis, strategic development, and decision-making. Most importantly, the effectiveness of an implemented maintenance strategy can be gauged and evaluated based on past performance (lagging indicators) and real-time performance (leading indicators) of the asset.
  • The APM initiative eliminated data silos for field-level technicians, operations and maintenance personnel, engineers, and management.
  • By reducing the time taken to collect and analyze asset data, TNB may reduce downtime by an estimated 5%.
  • The AssetWise APM solution enables TNB to plan for the unplanned incident in terms of manpower, spare parts, and so on.
User Quote:
  • “The Bentley asset performance management software solution was chosen to help: closely monitor and analyze the current condition of the transformer; carry out comprehensive analysis on asset criticality, risk assessment, and reliability centered maintenance (RCM); and develop asset prioritization, RCM, and an asset indicator and asset health index.”

    Shahid Ab Rahim Tenaga Nasional Berhad