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Why the Smart Nation of Singapore is a Smart Choice for YII2017

By Francois Valois, Senior Director, Software Development Reality Modeling

The Lion City. The Garden City. The “Fine” City.

Of the many names that Singapore has made for itself, its vision for the future using integrative technology and 3D map data could be the most innovative the world has seen so far.

As techies and engineers, maybe we should consider calling Singapore “The Big Data City” or “The IoT City.”

There is good reason as to why Bentley has chosen to host the annual Year in Infrastructure Conference in the city of Singapore as its inaugural foray eastward.

While announcing the location for this year’s conference, Greg Bentley, CEO, shared these thoughts about the 2017 location for the conference:

“I have long admired Singapore for leading the way with its innovative use of technology in the delivery and operation of infrastructure and for leading the world with its BIM advancements.”

Singapore is leading the way in smart city initiatives.

It is becoming the city of the future – the city that we’ve all dreamed of. And it’s happening quickly. To keep pace with (or more appropriately, out-pace) technology, Singapore’s government has made the ultimate commitment to become the world’s first Smart Nation.

At the heart of its Smart Nation initiative is its people.

In short, “A Smart Nation is one where people are empowered by technology to lead meaningful and fulfilled lives.” This vision aims to improve the lives of its people by harnessing the incredible power of network, data, and info-comm technologies – and encouraging citizens, companies, and agencies to use the government’s open data to create and innovate better solutions.

There are many initiatives underway in this progressive city as it leads the way in BIM advancements. Bentley has been a technology partner with the Singapore Land Authority, helping them to implement base map data as the groundwork for the Smart Nation initiative. One of these projects was a Be Inspired winner in 2016.

It recently led an SGD 8 million project that involved capturing large amounts of data, creating 2D and 3D datasets in several data formats, and supporting the interoperability of the data and management of datasets in a single repository.

Using Bentley Map, the project team created, maintained, and disseminated 3D information directly from Oracle Spatial, providing multi-user access to the database through direct connection and Web Feature Services (WFS).

Open Government Data

Now, the Singapore government is encouraging its people to tap into this massive data set to begin implementing IoT (Internet of Things) sensors into essentially everything, more specifically, the main five domains of transport, home and environment, business productivity, health and enabled aging, and public sector services.

To nurture this new culture of experimentation and foster innovation, the Government of Singapore is:

  • Continuing investment in data analytics, sensors, robotics, and cybersecurity
  • Designating spaces for companies and researchers to develop, prototype, and pilot their technological solutions
  • Accelerating the start-up ecosystem
    • 60 percent of start-ups in Singapore get follow-up funding, and 40 percent of start-up acquisitions in Asia happen here

Singapore’s start-up community has exploded in recent years, fast-tracking the nation to #12 on the list of the world’s Top Start-Up Ecosystems, ranking #1 globally in the Talent factor, with the 3rd highest level of Global Connectedness according to a 2017 report.

The Year in Infrastructure Conference is as much about the people as it is the new, cutting-edge technology – just like Singapore’s vision behind becoming the world’s Smartest Nation.

The heart and soul of innovation is people.

By enabling people with the right tools, the right network, and the right inspiration – we all can work together to advance infrastructure.

Join us at the Digital Cities Forum to hear more about innovations from Singapore Land Authority’s Chief Executive, Tan Boon Khai.


The Future of Smart Cities
Tan Boon Khai, Chief Executive, Singapore Land Authority

SLA is the primary agency in Singapore responsible for safeguarding and optimizing the use of state land and assets, managing more than 5,000 state properties throughout the country. As the national authority for land ownership, it plays a key regulatory function in ensuring an accurate and definitive Land Titles Registry and a reliable cadastral survey system to support title registration, development planning, and land administration. Being the leading agency for geospatial information systems in Singapore, SLA is also instrumental in Singapore’s push to become a Smart Nation by spearheading the development of national geospatial capability as well as driving the adoption of geospatial technologies in the public, private, and people sectors.

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The Year in Infrastructure Conference
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October 10-12, 2017