• TVS Design

    Music City Center

    Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Project Summary

The USD 415 million facility spans six city blocks and features an undulating green roof punctuated by a surface shape evocative of a musical instrument. The main lobby billows out in section creating a dual-curved geometry with an exterior wall that seamlessly transforms into the roof, while the building façade articulates overlapping scallops and metal face panels. To accommodate and integrate these complex design challenges, TVS Design required a flexible, parametric modeling solution.

Bentley’s GenerativeComponents and MicroStation provided TVS Design with an integrated BIM approach necessary to deliver the sustainable project. The software allowed TVS Design to generate the fluid geometry for the wavy roof, visualize the complicated, dual-curved plan and sections, and implement panelization studies to determine an optimal cladding system. TVS Design relied on Bentley’s flexible and interoperable tools to realize the complex, geometric objects and surfaces of the structure, timely and sustainably.

Using Bentley solutions saved significant time and energy, allowing real-time adjustments to the model as changes occurred throughout the design process. The interoperability of Bentley software enabled TVS Design to build the roof features as parametric components and conduct various panelization studies to resolve critical issues promptly, minimize cost of the cladding system, and ensure sustainability. Targeted for LEED Silver certification, the project, upon completion, achieved LEED Gold certification, with a green roof to counteract urban heat and capture water drainage, reducing water consumption by 78 percent.

TVS Design used GenerativeComponents to create the fluid geometry of the wavy roof, building the box skylights, 175,000-square-foot green roof section, and catenary trusses for the exhibit hall roof as parametric components. The surface representation was exported into MicroStation and incorporated into the remainder of the structure for 3D modeling. MicroStation’s drawing extraction tools facilitated documentation and coordination of changes in the plan and sectional profiles. The flexibility and interoperability of Bentley software enabled TVS Design to find balance among architectural aesthetics, project cost, and sustainability.
  • TVS Design used Bentley’s integrated modeling software to deliver a sustainable, organic Music City Center spanning 1.2 million square feet in the heart of Nashville, ultimately achieving LEED Gold certification.
  • The 175,000-square-foot green roof system mitigates urban heat, and captures and reuses water, reducing the facility’s water consumption by 78%.
  • Bentley’s interoperable software saved significant time and energy, allowing changes in the design process to be documented and incorporated in real-time in the 3D modeling environment.