• TASCO Chemical Corp.

    25000 MTY Maleic Anhydride Revamping Project

    Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Project Summary


This TWD 1.5 billion project expanded production of maleic anhydride at a TASCO Group plant in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. CTCI Machinery Corp performed detail engineering, with TASCO, the owner, managing procurement, and construction. The primary challenge of this project was the safe construction of this additional plant alongside the existing facility, and the tight two-year schedule for planning, design, and construction.


A 3D digital plant created using AutoPLANT and ProStructures enabled the teams to effectively manage space constraints and produce an intelligent model for future use in operations and maintenance. The i-models published daily in Bentley Navigator enabled design review, clash detection, and constructability review. ProjectWise allowed multi-discipline collaboration and document management in a central repository.


Daily design reviews and project collaboration increased the data flow between design and construction, which was key to meeting the project schedule. Constructability reviews substantially reduced rework and saved an estimated 15 percent in project delivery costs. Bentley design software reduced engineering hours by at least 30 percent, allowing construction to begin ahead of schedule. The 3D digital plant will also reduce operating costs by enabling operators to monitor important equipment and critical systems.


Using AutoPLANT and ProStructures for 3D modeling and ProjectWise for project collaboration, TASCO accomplished three main objectives: space management, where weekly design reviews and clash detection identified issues in adding to the existing plant; constructability, where the 3D model helped engineers identify construction issues early in the planning and design stage; and operations and maintenance, where the digital factory model is a resource for operators to locate and maintain the new equipment and systems.

  • The 3D intelligent model helped reduce resource-hours by allowing designers to generate accurate bills of materials, and enable the early purchase of materials.
  • Collaboration between engineering, construction, and operations resolved issues early in the project, allowing construction to proceed rapidly and deliver the plant on time.
  • The 3D digital plant reduced project delivery costs by about 15 percent, thanks to rapid modeling, integrated drawing production, multi-discipline collaboration, and reduced engineering rework.
  • “A data-rich, digital 3D model created by AutoPLANT is greatly beneficial to owners and operators for future plant operation and maintenance.”

    E. H. Tasi Project Manager TASCO Chemical Corp.