• PEWIK GDYNIA, Sp. z o.o.

    Water and Wastewater Network Management and Information System

    Gdynia, Poland

Project Summary



To meet growing data management needs and ensure optimal water infrastructure for its operations in Gdynia, Poland, PEWIK GDYNIA (PEWIK) collaborated with Bentley to determine an efficient method for upgrading its current water and wastewater management information system. The USD 90,000 project required collecting, validating, and migrating existing data from Bentley Water and Bentley Wastewater to a new spatial platform. The foremost challenge was to integrate data from two separate systems into a single collaborative source while offering secure access to appropriate internal users.



PEWIK used Bentley OpenUtilities Designer to collect both graphical and descriptive information from the legacy systems and integrated the data into a spatial database. Using Bentley Geo Web Publisher, the team created a homogenous Web interface from disparate data sources to provide internal users secure, reliable access to all current water and sewage information. Working with Bentley, PEWIK reengineered the technological requirements to optimize use of the new system.



Using Bentley’s interoperable applications improved productivity and project deliverables. Integrating OpenUtilities Designer and Bentley Geo Web Publisher with a spatial database produced a collaborative network model in a unified environment for more flexible, secure data access and utilization, and optimized information mobility. The upgraded information system enables PEWIK to make better decisions regarding water management and ensures interoperability with future hydraulic modeling solutions.



Using Bentley OpenUtilities Designer facilitated data migration of CAD and GIS data from Bentley Water and Bentley Wastewater, improving and enriching data models for better decision making. Integrating Bentley Geo Web Publisher enabled an effective Web-based data publication process, allowing internal PEWIK staff access to appropriate data, reducing time spent looking for current reliable information. The project team configured Bentley technology to ensure optimal performance of the new water information management system to support and maintain the city’s water and wastewater infrastructure.

  • The flexibility and interoperability of Bentley software allowed PEWIK to efficiently unify, validate, and migrate historical GIS and CAD data from Bentley Water and Bentley Wastewater to the new spatial platform for better decision making regarding the city of Gdynia’s water infrastructure.
  • Bentley Geo Web Publisher provided internal staff reliable access to data for improved productivity and better quality deliverables.
  • Integrating Bentley applications with a flexible spatial database supports future expansion and ensures interoperability with future hydraulic modeling solutions.
  • “Bentley helped us build a consistent information solution by connecting graphic information with rich data models stored in a spatial database to support and maintain our city water and wastewater infrastructure network.”

    Aleksandra de Virion GIS Department Manager PEWIK GDYNIA, Sp. z o.o