• Shenyang Aluminum and Magnesium Engineering & Research Institute Co., Ltd.

    Alumina Refinery Project Cooperated between Aluminum Corporation of China and Indonesia

    Bukit Batu, West Kalimantan, Indonesia

Project Summary


Shenyang Aluminum and Magnesium Engineering & Research Institute (SAMI) was retained to deliver a 3D digital information model for the development of a large-scale aluminum plant in West Kalimantan, Indonesia. With an annual production capacity of 1 million tons, the RMB 4.3 billion facility covers approximately 136 acres and includes aluminum, thermal power, gas, and water treatment zones, along with 68 subunits. To coordinate more than 120 staff across 15 departments, manage over 30,000 documents, and establish industry-specific coding and databases to produce digital models for all specialties required collaborative, interoperable 3D design technology.


SAMI used ProjectWise and Bentley’s integrated BIM technology to build a project management database, standardize data and document requirements, create 1,000 work catalogs, and establish the first intelligent digital design platform in China’s aluminum industry. Using OpenBuildings Designer (formerly AECOsim Building Designer) and OpenPlant, the team optimized collaboration among the multiple disciplines, streamlining workflows to deliver a comprehensive 3D digital information model, including architectural structures, equipment, and pipelines. Integrating MicroStation and LumenRT, SAMI added virtual reality capabilities for stakeholders to fully understand design schemes.


Implementing 3D digital workflows reduced resource hours by 10 percent compared to traditional engineering processes, saving 5,000 hours. Bentley’s integrated BIM applications optimized design, reducing land occupation and minimizing environmental impact to save RMB 78 million. Using OpenPlant to output drawings and reports minimized errors to increase accuracy by 2 percent, saving approximately RMB 80 million in associated costs. The flexibility and interoperability of Bentley’s design applications enabled functional extension of the 3D digital models through innovative mobile apps to support construction, asset operations, and maintenance.


Using OpenPlant PID, SAMI established a standard coding system that accommodates design needs for the entire domestic aluminum industry, while ProjectWise served as the connected data environment to effectively manage and coordinate among the multidiscipline design team. Navigator enabled SAMI to perform clash detection, design checks, and construction simulation. Integrating LumenRT and MicroStation CONNECT Edition provided a virtual environment, adding animation to display design intent and overall scheme, improving communication efficiency and enhancing stakeholder understanding.

Project Playbook: AutoPIPE, Bentley Raceway and Cable Management, Bentley Substation, LumenRT, MicroStation, Navigator, OpenBuildings DesignerOpenPlant, OpenRoads, ProjectWise

  • Společnost SAMI zřídila první čínskou 2D/3D platformu pro průmyslové digitální návrhy, konkrétně pro hliníkovou rafinérii v hodnotě 4,3 miliardy RMB v Západním Kalimantanu v Indonésii.
  • Bentley technology reduced site layout and improved output accuracies, saving more than RMB 158 million.
  • Použití OpenPlant usnadnilo použití víceoborových řešení, 2D a 3D inteligentního modelování mezi 120 členy personálu napříč 13 odděleními za účelem úspory více než 5 000 pracovních hodin.
  • Práce v propojeném datovém prostředí (CDE) od společnosti Bentley založeném na ProjectWise optimalizovala efektivitu při správě více než 30 000 dokumentů a 1 000 pracovních adresářů.
  • “The openness of Bentley’s data platform enables SAMI to provide owners not only with traditional drawings and report products, but also such value-added products as virtual reality technology-based operation simulations, construction simulations, and digital workshops. Furthermore, this digital platform helps SAMI offer visual, efficient, and full lifecycle solutions that are rich in information attributes.”

    Fangbo Liu Director of Digital Engineering Project Operations (BIM) Center Shenyang Aluminum and Magnesium Engineering & Research Institute Co., Ltd.