• United Utilities


    Warrington, Anglie, Velká Británie

Project Summary


Consistent with United Kingdom water industry standards, United Utilities (UU) released its AMP6 program, investing GBP 6 billion to improve its massive water infrastructure. As part of the program, UU dedicated GBP 2.9 billion to delivering more than 200 capital projects over the five-year period ending 2020. With widely dispersed construction and engineering teams working on numerous complex projects, UU needed a collaborative BIM strategy and flexible, interoperable software to manage digital data for capital programs, optimize asset performance, and improve project delivery.


Using ProjectWise as the cornerstone of its BIM approach, UU configured the BS 1192 module to align with its business requirements in accordance with AMP6. The organization developed a structured data naming convention in a connected data environment for the dispersed project teams to develop, share, and coordinate their design information, facilitating data ownership from design conception through to decommissioning. Integrating Bentley Navigator with ProjectWise enabled teams to perform clash resolution and construction sequencing in a federated BIM design environment, enhancing data and overall asset reliability for improved project delivery.


Embracing a collaborative BIM approach using Bentley’s interoperable applications improved information mobility and data reliability. UU estimates to save at least GBP 40 million on its five-year capital investment program, and potentially more over the lifecycle of an asset. Having a single source of truth accessible to all project team members in real time and in a secure environment via ProjectWise eliminated the need for data transmission, saving significant time and reducing risk. The integration of Navigator with ProjectWise allows for quicker, cheaper, and safer construction methods, optimizing costs and efficiency delivering capital projects.


The ProjectWise BS 1192 module allowed UU to extract digital data about its assets from delivered projects and import it into corporate systems with minimal effort for complete data ownership, enhancing data security and optimizing asset management for efficient implementation of its capital delivery program. Using Navigator for construction simulation and sequencing facilitated construction efficiency and streamlined workflows, facilitating early engagement with the supply chain for more reliable offsite design for manufacturing and assembly. Bentley’s collaborative, interoperable software improves data, asset, and project management, enabling UU to provide better quality water, minimize environmental impact, and lower customer bills.

Project Playbook: ProjectWise, Bentley Navigator

  • UU configured the ProjectWise BS 1192 module to enforce a digital data structure aligned with its business systems, optimizing performance and maintenance of its asset base, which will deliver significant savings over the lifecycle of an asset.
  • Working in a secure connected data environment optimized information mobility and management of digital asset data among UU’s multi-disciplined, dispersed project teams for improved project delivery.
  • Integrating Bentley Navigator into its collaborative BIM strategy, UU expects to save time and resources, minimize costly rework, and reduce health and safety risks through early design testing and better construction planning.
  • The BS 1192 module for ProjectWise creates a truly collaborative environment giving all team members automatic access to relevant data . . . ProjectWise forms the cornerstone of the United Utilities BIM strategy for the AMP6 program.

    Gregg Yarnold Lead BIM Technologist (CDE) United Utilities