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Form Geometry Structure: From Nature to Design

Daniela Bertol (Author)
ISBN: 9781934493113

Form Geometry Structure is an architecture and generative design guide that introduces a scientific framework in the exploration of forms in nature and design. From their geometric definition to their structural potential, forms are created and transformed by simple computing algorithms following growth patterns found in nature. In the natural world, these geometric forms can provide great inspiration in the design of the man-made world.

Although software independent, this book presents several digital models of parametric forms built in Bentley's generative design software GenerativeComponents. While the relationship between geometry and forces in nature has been explored for millennia, contemporary computational tools bring new insights and methodologies. Form Geometry Structure is beautifully illustrated and rigorously researched and will bridge the gap between art and science, bringing to contemporary terms the tradition of the treatises on art and architecture.

Meet the Author

Daniela Bertol is an artist, author, and architectural visionary who has worked for almost two decades on projects that integrate science, art, and architecture. She has published numerous articles in art and science journals and lectured at several congresses and symposia worldwide. Bertol has been consulting with major New York City architectural firms for over fifteen years and was involved in the planning and design of the American Airlines Terminal at the JFK Airport in New York. She is the author of four books on geometry, architecture, and digital space and is dedicated to integrating the principles of Eastern philosophies and practices with contemporary architectural theories in research in all of her works.

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"Form Geometry Structure provides a rich resource for artists, designers, and computer graphics professionals through its ability to illustrate and inspire new and detailed connections between natural and code-driven three-dimensional form."

Kim Vincs, Deakin University

"Form Geometry Structure is a fascinating journey and rigorous exploration of natural forms, in any dimension, from the microscopic universe of molecules to the ephemeral world of soap bubbles and snowflakes and the dynamic growth of living organisms."

Paolo Martegani, University of Rome, ADI Design Index

"Just as change in the natural world results in bursts of new species, so does the digital artist create new buoyant forms, and Daniela Bertol is a prime exponent of this passion. Form Geometry Structure is a magnificent, investigative compendium of structures, forms, and patterns from nature, assembled according to an easily recognizable typology."

Irene Mitchel, Author of A Study of Extremes in Six Suites