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Analysis and Design of Structures - A Practical Guide to Modeling

Analysis and Design of Structures – A Practical Guide to Modeling BookD. Trevor Jones (Author)
ISBN: 9781934493151 

Bentley’s first structural analysis and design book puts theoretical concepts for a structural design into practice with STAAD.Pro. It is a technical reference guide relating code and design requirements to the world’s leading structural analysis and design software, which allows engineers to analyze and design virtually any structure from any material.

Analysis and Design of Structures – A Practical Guide to Modeling shares guidance for providing the necessary construction details for a project to ensure the intended design assumptions are met. It includes detailed explanation of the subtleties between commands in STAAD.Pro and provides complete building examples for steel and concrete in one concise format. Detailed discussion within the text showcases STAAD.Pro’s open architecture and ability to integrate with other Bentley software products and third-party programs, such as, RAM Connection, and Microsoft Excel.

Meet the Author:

D. Trevor Jones currently serves as department manager at a Fortune 500 engineering and construction company. He has previously served as group leader on many commercial and industrial projects, where he led the design of structures and their components. At Clemson, where he earned his master’s degree in structural engineering, Jones published a thesis concerning the retrofit of existing residential construction to increase the resistance to hurricane-force winds, as well as aided in the writing and development of several technical papers.

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