Enterprise License Subscription


Software at your Service, for Enterprises

The Enterprise License Subscription offers the maximum value for large, multi-office organizations who anticipate continued growth in their use of Bentley’s software portfolio. As an extension of Bentley SELECT’s flexible licensing, it provides the most economical pay-per-use pricing, adjusted once annually based on usage. In addition to organization-wide learning, Enterprise License Subscribers receive additional support from Bentley learning coaches and service specialists to help organizations maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their users through continuous learning. Bentley ELS subscribers have realized as much as a 30 percent reduction in overall software costs and as much as a 50 percent increase in productivity through easy access to Bentley’s entire portfolio and the learning to deliver the highest-quality projects. The Enterprise License Subscription delivers significant operational and competitive advantage, further reducing annual software costs and delivering unrestricted access to a comprehensive software and learning portfolio to increase productivity – all for a single annual fee.

Enjoy All the Benefits of SELECT

The Enterprise License Subscription is an extension of the SELECT program, so subscribers benefit from all of the same upgrade, support, and licensing benefits of being a SELECT subscriber.

Comprehensive Software Portfolio

Want to know what software you have access to with an ELS subscription? A complete list of ELS-eligible products is maintained here, so check back regularly to see which Bentley products can be downloaded today.

Bentley LEARN Enterprise Training Subscription with Every ELS

Eliminate training-related travel time and cost, reduce scheduling headaches, and create a culture of continuous learning with unlimited access to live training in the virtual classroom and on-demand courses for no additional charge. In addition to all the benefits of a LEARN Enterprise subscription, ELS subscribers also have support from Bentley learning coaches and receive account-specific coaching days. Visit the LEARNserver to start learning today.

ROI Case Studies

Want to save on software costs? Find out how Nucleus Research identified major annual software savings realized by ELS subscribers like Building Design Partnership, HNTB, and Parsons Brinckerhoff.