Electric transmission infrastructure needs continue to expand due to smart grid initiatives, renewable energy sources, and increasing power demand in developing economies. Today’s transmission system operators face the daunting challenge of balancing transmission infrastructure growth with what is perhaps the toughest regulatory environment in history. 

Bentley’s software solutions can help. From inception through ongoing operations and maintenance processes, Bentley’s offerings support the transmission infrastructure lifecycle. Consider the need to survey, map, visualize, and analyze transmission corridors. Bentley’s world class Land Development software capabilities are fully integrated with our GIS and Mapping products and support a variety of capabilities needed by transmission system operators and engineering firms, including surveying, data acquisition, terrain modeling, property, and right-of-way management, as well as remarkable visualization capabilities supported by our MicroStation platform.

Designers of transmission infrastructure often take advantage of Bentley’s Structural products, which integrate analysis, design, documentation, and detailing to improve productivity. Transmission substation designers also rely on the Bentley Substation solution for intelligent substation design.

Effectively managing transmission assets and a wide range of associated information is a key requirement for safe, cost-effective, reliable transmission operations. It also forms the basis for the essential tracking and documentation processes underlying achievement of regulatory compliance. Bentley can fully support transmission system operator’s needs for modeling electrical transmission networks in a Transmission GIS as well as for managing virtually any type of supporting drawings, documents, and data in our ProjectWise environment, which can also geospatially reference them to the transmission network. AssetWise is a robust asset information modeling platform that supports applications and online services for infrastructure asset operations. It can be implemented to support various types of compliance applications including Critical Infrastructure Protection and offers an ideal environment for transmission asset lifecycle information management.

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