Design Substation Infrastructure Up to 30% Faster

Integrated Electrical and Physical Design for Brownfield and Greenfield Projects

Productivity is critical for the utilities, power generation owner-operators, and engineering organizations who design, construct, and upgrade electric substations. Increasing power demand, aging infrastructure, new reliability regulations, and a shortage of qualified human resources are straining the industry’s ability to keep pace.

Bentley Substation V8i addresses this industry challenge by accelerating substation design up to 30 percent. Bentley Substation uniquely leverages an intelligent information model to provide integrated 3D physical and electrical systems design. The result is fewer errors, less rework, and a dramatic reduction in manual drafting.

Bentley Substation supports brownfield and greenfield substation projects in many utilities and EPCs across the globe, including those shown below.

Discover Bentley's Wider Substation Solution

Bentley Substation can be complemented with other Bentley design, simulation, collaboration, and asset performance management products to deliver a comprehensive lifecycle solution that accelerates delivery, increases reliability, and  reduces operating costs of electric substations.

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