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What’s New in SACS v5.6

Bentley's very active program of development for the SACS family of structural analysis and design software is continuing at a rapid pace. In this webinar, we will review the new capabilities in the recent version 5.6 release of SACS. These new capabilities cover a broad range of functions, such as:

  • Automated joint meshing
  • Wind turbine analysis
  • Code checking

Recorded Past eSeminar: What’s New in SACS v5.6

Initial Design of Vessel Structures

Bentley’s Maxsurf software is used worldwide for the design of all types of vessels. Within the Maxsurf suites are two modules for initial structural modeling and analysis. This webinar will explain how to model vessel structure and carry out structural analysis and design on a range of structures.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Model vessel structure
  • Export to structural analysis
  • Define structural libraries and shapes
  • Model using plates and beams
  • Apply hydrostatic and buoyancy loads
  • Review structural analysis results for design

Recorded Past eSeminar: Initial Design of Vessel Structures

SACS Member Design for Offshore Code Compliance

Bentley’s SACS software supports a very broad range of current and historical offshore design codes, including those from API, EC, ISO, NORSOK, and other agencies. This webinar will explain code checking workflow for structural members. You will learn how to define design parameters in your SACS model, use POST to perform code checks, graphically and numerically review code check results, and accomplish interactive strength redesign. You will also discover how SACS helps automate these techniques, even for very large structural models.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Set up design code parameters in your SACS model
  • Perform code checks using the POST module
  • Review design capacities using numerical and graphical displays
  • Accomplish interactive redesign to ensure code compliance

Recorded Past eSeminar: SACS Member Design for Offshore Code Compliance

SACS Offshore Structural Analysis Methods

Bentley’s portfolio of SACS offshore software has a wide range of analysis methods to suit many types of structures, from basic linear analysis through to non-linear pile-soil interaction, large deflection analysis, response spectrum seismic analysis, time history seismic analysis, and large deformation collapse due to dropped objects, blast, or collision. Learn how SACS automates the setup of these analysis types as well as some of the theory and assumptions behind these analysis techniques.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn how to set up non-linear pile-soil interaction analysis
  • Discover how to specify earthquake spectra for response spectrum analysis
  • Review techniques for time history analysis
  • Find out how to specify dropped object analysis
  • Learn how collapse can be used to predict response to blast or collision

Recorded Past eSeminar: SACS Offshore Structural Analysis Methods

Loads on Offshore Structures

Whether you are designing jacket structures, topsides, wind turbine support systems, or even piers, Bentley’s comprehensive SACS software has a wide range of modeling, analysis, and design tools for all aspects of offshore structural projects. Learn how Bentley’s SACS software enables you to both manage and automatically generate the loads on an offshore structure. Particular areas of focus will be on static and time varying loads — ranging from wind to wave, current, buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure, seismic, impact and gravity — as well as how to generate pipe loads using Bentley’s AutoPIPE software.

In this webinar, you will:

  • See how to manage complex combinations of offshore load cases
  • Learn about automatically generating environmental loads
  • Discover the differences between spectral and time domain wind and wave loads
  • Realize how easy it is to apply loads from equipment
  • Find out how AutoPIPE can generate loads from pipe stress analysis

Recorded Past eSeminar: Loads on Offshore Structures

Modeling of Topside Structures

Whether you are designing the topsides of a jacket, gravity-based platform, FPSO, or floating platform, Bentley’s comprehensive SACS software has a wide range of modeling, management, and data exchange tools for all aspects of topsides structural modeling. See how SACS enables you to generate complex geometries, model plate structures, manage large models, and exchange data with other systems including Bentley’s ProSteel — software that models and details structural steel and metal work.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn how to manage large topsides models
  • Discover how to import geometry and models from other systems
  • Observe techniques for managing groups and materials
  • Find out how to use the structure wizard to easily generate decks
  • Learn how ProSteel can import and use structural models from SACS

Recorded Past eSeminar: Modeling of Topside Structures

What’s New in SACS v5.5

Current and prospective SACS users can discover how new features will benefit their offshore oil, gas, and/or wind projects via:

  • Smooth integration between offshore vessel modeling and structural analysis of motion-induced loads
  • Visualization of vessel motions, including real-time rendered animation of vessel motions in irregular wave conditions
  • Advanced stability calculations with comprehensive coverage of international stability criteria
  • Integration of the FAST wind turbine solver for coupled analysis of wind and wave actions and the consequent design and fatigue checks critical for wind turbine platforms
  • Best-in-class coverage of offshore steel design codes optimized for large, complex structures
  • Multi-core processing reducing time-history analysis by up to 75%

Recorded Past eSeminar: Bentley’s SACS Software for Offshore Structures and Vessels

Introduction to the SACS Executive

Be among the first to see a detailed view of the functionality of the various parts of the Executive and how your organization will benefit from it, including: SACS configuration settings, execution of batch program analysis, launching of SACS interactive programs, and multi-core processing.

  • Effective use of the SACS Executive
  • SACS Analysis control
  • Use of interactive modules

Recorded Past eSeminar: Introduction to the SACS Executive

Modeling in Precede

Discover the jacket model generation capabilities and how your organization will benefit from them, including: offshore jacket and deck generation, automatic load generation including gravity, pressure and skid mounted equipment loads, and code check parameters.

  • Efficient modeling techniques
  • Load application
  • Code check parameters

Recorded Past eSeminar: Modeling in Precede

Linear Static Analysis with PSI

Learn about the environmental load generation, execution of the analysis, and post processing and how your organization will benefit from it, including: foundation modeling, seastate load generation, execution of analysis, beam element check, and tubular connection punching shear checks.

  • Foundation modeling
  • Post processing
  • Executing analysis

Recorded Past eSeminar: Linear Static Analysis with PSI

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