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OpenPlant: Information Modeling for Today's Plant Projects

In this new eSeminar, you’ll learn about the features of OpenPlant 3D applications and discover powerful new 2D/3D comparison capabilities.

Discover how OpenPlant V8i can support your plant teams with:

  • An open and interoperable system using iRING/ISO 15926 as its intrinsic schema, allowing any application using the same open schema, including third-party systems, to natively share all data with full fidelity
  • File and component workflows combining all pertinent plant software standards, including DGN, RealDWG, point clouds, and PDF
  • 2D/3D comparison tools that enable data to be shared between the P&ID and the model, speeding the design process and facilitating consistency checking across tags
  • Scalability to support design projects of all size, from greenfield mega-projects to brownfield rework



 Intelligent P&IDs: The OpenPlant 2D Workflow
In this new eSeminar, you’ll learn about OpenPlant PowerPID V8i and how you can benefit:

  • Rapid, affordable creation of intelligent P&IDs
  • Collaboration through open access and ISO 15926 schema
  • Operational compliance via accurate, physical plant representations

OpenPlant PowerPID V8i efficiently creates more accurate, intelligent, and portable P&IDs for faster, more accurate projects at lowered cost.

On-demand video coming soon!

What's New in OpenPlant SELECTseries 5
The latest release of the OpenPlant suite of products includes many enhancements to improve user productivity, reduce administration overhead, and enable users to easily migrate from existing systems using the following products:

  • OpenPlant Modeler V8i SELECTseries 5
  • OpenPlant ModelServer V8i SELECTseries 5
  • OpenPlant Isometrics Manager V8i SELECTseries 5



OpenPLANT 2D Workflow for Owner-Operators
Intelligent P&IDs are critical to increasing accuracy, shortening response time, and improving safety through a strong 2D workflow supporting operational asset management.

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: FREE


How OpenPLANT Improves RAFAKO's Productivity and Efficiency
Bentley and Global Plant Engineering invite you to view a webinar that will provide insight into how RAFAKO, a 60-year-old Polish power plant equipment supplier implemented OpenPlant into production. You’ll learn how OpenPlant's modern user interface enables them to work better as a group internally and work in cooperation with their external partners. RAFAKO will drive an engaging presentation on why OpenPlant tools were chosen. Zbigniew Harezlak will describe RAFAKO’s implementation of OpenPlant and how it met their specific power generation needs better than any other plant design system.

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: FREE


ISO 15926 in Action: CH2M HILL’s use of Bentley’s OpenPlant tools
Presented by Rob Brawn and Karen Osier, CH2M HILL.
Hear how the ISO 15926 schema and the new OpenPlant tools are allowing CH2M HILL to easily exchange information on large and small projects and deliver better projects for their customers. 

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: FREE


ProjectWise PDx Dynamic Review Service
This eSeminar will cover the configuration of PDS Projects and how ProjectWise Orchestration Framework and Automation Services will be used to batch convert PDS models into V8i and
i-models and deposit the results into a ProjectWise folder for all project participants.

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: FREE


OpenPlant Modeler
Presented by Peter Alspaugh
Bentley’s next-generation plant design system, based on industry-leading technologies ProjectWise and MicroStation. This eSeminar will show you how you can be up and running with little effort.

View OnDemandDuration: 1 hour
Cost: FREE


MicroStation is built into every seat of OpenPlant Modeler and PowerPID. This eSeminar will cover basic commands available in V8i to all users that assist in making your session of OpenPlant more productive. 
View OnDemandDuration: 1 hour
Cost: FREE


ProjectWise is the underlying technology that OpenPlant uses to distribute documents and provide the Component Repository. This eSeminar will cover the basic ProjectWise interface and how the OpenPlant ModelServer is used with ProjectWise Administrator to set up projects.

View OnDemandDuration: 1 hour
Cost: FREE


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