High Performance Project Delivery

ProjectWise is a project collaboration and content management platform that helps project-intensive companies avoid risk and stay competitive by enabling high performance project delivery. It provides capabilities for information sharing, cross-functional work process management, and content management to help improve agility and increase transparency throughout the project lifecycle. With ProjectWise, organizations of all sizes now have the ability to integrate data, people and process to ensure successful project delivery.

First released in 1997, with the CONNECT Edition, ProjectWise has now evolved from design and engineering document sharing to an enterprise scale, virtual and comprehensive project delivery solution.


ProjectWise provides:

  • Collaborative, interoperable, mobile platform that connects global project teams where information and deliverables are available on-demand for improved performance and increased project transparency for high performance project delivery.
  • Gold standard for engineering design collaboration and work-sharing for multi-discipline, geographically dispersed teams
  • Support for virtual project delivery processes including document management, change control, and third-party reviews and approvals
  • With unparalleled information mobility and federated information access that helps project-intensive companies avoid risk and stay competitive with high performance project delivery.

Organizations benefit from:

  • Reduced Delivery Risk: Improve the accuracy, reuse, and auditing of design and construction documents and data to start projects faster, eliminate redesigns, and reduce the risk of rework.
  • High Performance: Collaboration results in better decisions, effective use of resources, increased productivity and better team performance, ultimately lowering CAPEX project costs.
  • Increased Transparency: With increased transparency throughout the project lifecycle, organizations will increase accountability and improve responsiveness to minimize delays and keep the project moving forward.
  • Faster Time to Value: Configurable deployment options provide project tintensive organizations with enhanced agility to respond to varying project requirements, improved operational readiness resulting in improved ROI on the project and at the organizational level.

New and enhanced ProjectWise CONNECT Edition capabilities include:

ProjectWise Design Integration

Collaborate with multi-disciplinary design teams Streamline your design workflows with global work-sharing and collaboration across your distributed design teams. Remove geographic and technology boundaries to ensure everyone can find, track, share and reuse project information, engineering data and communications for active team participation.
Automate engineering work-in-progress with quality controls Avoid lost data, versioning issues, and delays from email, ftp and other unmanaged exchanges. Create and manage engineering work-in-progress with increased reliability and traceability. With project information management, you will reduce risk of unauthorized access and eliminate redundant data.
Create and manage project, CAD and industry standards Enforce adherence to workflows, CAD and industry standards, including BS 1192. Use configurable rules engine creating dynamic, closed-loop reviews to manage progress against milestones, alert reviewers and deliver actionable data in context.
Integrate design application and manage dependencies Share datasets in real-time across offices and understand the impact of changes made by others even when using your own discipline-specific application. You will improve project quality through automated management of complex dependencies and the countless components within models or projects.
Create and manage specifications Automate your specification tasks to evolve specs from simple text into dynamic engineering documents. You can update specifications at the source when information changes for ultimate control over versioning. Then publish custom versions based on trade, phase, or geography to streamline workflow.
Navigate project data by spatial location Find information related to a geographic area using an intuitive map interface. Simply define an area of interest and you can quickly view all associated information including drawings, documents and photos for that area in a spatial index. Your security, workflows and relationships remain intact.


ProjectWise Engineering Content Management

Manage and control documents Go beyond simple document management to full document control. Accurately manage, distribute, and archive data and information in context across multiple data repositories. Connect all relevant content required to ensure delivery of reliable asset information throughout the project lifecycle.
Manage engineering records and compliance Comply with your organization's corporate record policies. With advanced file plan and disposition control, all records and associated information are integrated in a comprehensive information model making manual declaration unnecessary. This approach gives visibility to the record throughout its lifecycle for assurance and compliance.
Standardize field data collection Create and configure your own forms for your everyday field workflows. Crews can access these standard forms via mobile device to input field progress. Capturing field data as part of an automated project workflow will not only increase productivity and minimize risk, but also improve overall operations.


ProjectWise Connection Services

ProjectWise Project Sharing Coordinate engineering and design details with extended team - ​No longer punch a hole in your firewall or create multiple, disconnected copies of the same information. Easily share information and control access with other organizations using a secure "ProjectWise-to-ProjectWise connection" for your joint venture projects and extended team members.
ProjectWise Project Performance Dashboards Project-intensive companies require real-time project intelligence to make important strategic decisions about their projects. The best way to achieve this is by enabling complete project transparency through interactive dashboards with key performance indicators (KPIs) and analysis.
ProjectWise Deliverables Management Take control of your transmittals, submittals and RFIs in one central repository. You can work securely in your own design environment while collaborating with other project participants on version-controlled documents in the Cloud. Streamline your document review and approval process by alerting your project teams, subcontractors, partners and vendors when their attention is required. You will stay on top of every deliverable from document preparation through closeout and keep the project moving forward.
ProjectWise Issues Resolution Create, edit, redline and close out issues, punch list, and clashes. View issue status reports and dashboards. Bentley Navigator and ProjectWise WorkSite apps work hand-in-hand with the Issues Resolution service.