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STAAD Case Studies

STAAD.Pro & MX Case Study - Bangalore International Airport

STAAD.Pro Saves USD 400,000 on Hamon Air-cooling Island Design

Hamon Thermal (Tianjin) optimizes steel structure for Xinjiang Jinhui power plant using single STAAD.Pro model.

STAAD.Pro Case Study - Curved Wall

Shibanee and Kamal Architects Uses STAAD.Pro to Analyze Unconventional Curved-wall Design

Bentley software helps overcome design challenges of Innovative BHAU Institute.

STAAD. Foundation Case Study - Automotive Tire Manufacturer Provides Comprehensive Foundation Design, India

Apollo Tyres Limited, India’s largest automotive tire manufacturer, is building a new plant on a 126-acre plot, approximately 60 kilometers from Chennai. The entire project has a built area of 167,226 square meters and includes 30 buildings. Among them is the Banbury building, a complex structure measuring 160 meters wide by 77 meters long by 30 meters high. The consulting and engineering firm of Aswathanarayana and Eswara was awarded the structural work for the Banbury and faced some difficult challenges in its structural design, including the need to accommodate very heavy loads at substantial heights.

STAAD.Pro Case Study - Community Power Plant

Evergreen Community Power Plant, Tennessee

The $70 million Evergreen Community Power (ECP) plant is biomass-fueled with a 300,000-pounds-per-hour circulating fluidized bed boiler and 33-megawatt steam turbine. “The team was able to easily place the major equipment—including the boiler, turbine, and boiler building structural steel—into the model from 3D AutoCAD and STAAD.Pro structural analysis and design output, right into the AutoPLANT workspace,” Demetrius Franklin, 3D CAD administrator, ESI Inc. of Tennessee said. “This saved a tremendous amount of time and enabled us to quickly place all the auxiliary equipment, breeching, and fuel handling conveyors, and piping.”

 STAAD.Pro & Structural Model Case Study - Plant Wansley

Plant Wansley, Carrolton, GA

The Wansley 1-2 project benefited from the tight integration of all Bentley products, which provided the capability to transfer analytical and geometric models back and forth between STAAD.Pro and AECOsim Building Designer, formerly Bentley Structural. This, along with the tremendous 3D visualization obtained with MicroStation TriForma, AutoPLANT, and Explorer ID, reduced design time and improved coordination among engineering disciplines by eliminating on-site clashes between equipment, piping, instruments, and structural members.

2007 Be Award Winner


STAAD.Pro & Structural Model Case Study - Bridge Academy

Bridge Academy, London

BDP structural engineers in London have been using building
information modeling (BIM) in the form of Structural Modeler, formerly Bentley Structural, to
model all new projects since 2004. The two-way interoperability between
AECOsim Building Designer and STAAD.Pro enables the static and dynamic structural analysis to be carried out using the design information. Any resultant changes in section size can be fed directly back to the model for review with the other disciplines and drawing update.


STAAD Solution Case Study - HOLCIM Cement Plant


HOLCIM Cement Plant, Missouri

One of the world’s largest cement plants is being designed by CH2M HILL. The plant is situated on 3,900 acres along the Mississippi River in Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri. The facility will be built and operated on 1,700 acres, including the quarry and harbor areas. Approximately 2,200 acres are being preserved as conservation easement. Bentley’s STAAD solution enabled the firm to quickly turn information from the General Arrangement drawings into the structural calculation model.

2007 Be Award Finalist


STAAD.Pro Case Study -The Grand Palais, Paris

The Grand Palais, Paris

When it was completed for the World Fair in 1900, the Grand Palais was a feat of technology for its time offering a very large glass covered area without intermediary supports. The challenge in repairing the metal framework, nave and canopies was to prop up the existing dome which weighed over 500 tons.
STAAD.Pro was used to design the frame and substructure and model the unique behavior of the glass.


STAAD.Pro & MX Case Study - Bangalore International Airport

Bangalore International Airport

New Greenfield airport to handle 27 aircraft per hour and serve about 7.5 million passengers each year. Approximately three months of time savings were gained using MX and STAAD.Pro. Due to significant changes, the tight
deadline could be met with use of MX and STAAD.Pro. The integration of Bentley products allowed several designers to coordinate their work and meet the deadline.