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RAM Structural System’s Productivity Tool for Gravity Analysis and Design of Steel Structures

As part of the RAM Structural System, RAM Steel is a powerful, yet intuitive, fully integrated software application that empowers structural engineers to analyze, design, and create structural drawings of the gravity load-resisting members in steel buildings.

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Technical Requirements

RAM Steel is a powerful tool that allows structural engineers to quickly design the gravity beams, columns and base plates of a structure. It empowers engineers to:

  • Quickly model and design the entire structure
  • Explore design options
  • Make better informed design decisions
  • Predict costs and provide more economical solutions

RAM Steel computes tributary loads to all members, reduces live loads in accordance with applicable building codes, and designs steel composite and non-composite beams, steel joists and joist girders, castellated and cellular beams, steel columns, and base plates for every level in a structure. By automating the most tedious, repetitive and time-consuming tasks, the engineer is able to focus on the more critical aspects of a project, thereby providing a superior, more economical solution to the client.

RAM Steel was the first commercially available floor framing program for steel structures. Released in 1990, it continues to lead the industry as the most powerful and comprehensive steel building design program. It towers over the competition with leading edge technology and refined and enhanced capabilities.


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