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Architecture and Engineering 3D CAD Design & Modeling Software

Welcome to the CONNECT Edition

With MicroStation, you can confidently model, document and visualize projects of any size. In addition to being the best 3D modeling software for engineering and architectural projects of any size and complexity, MicroStation provides all the benefits of traditional CAD software. You can produce detailed drawings and documentation, renderings and animations. Unlike simple CAD design software, MicroStation’s power and flexibility helps you focus your time and energy on developing better designs, faster. You can:

  • Enjoy the freedom to model nearly any 2D or 3D form imaginable.  
  • Clearly and effortlessly document your designs with polished 2D drawings, schedules, and reports. 
  • Communicate your design intent with lifelike renderings and animations. 
  • Take your models further by producing intelligent 3D PDFs and 3D printed prototypes.
  • Seamlessly bring together project information and teams by using and sharing drawings and models from any discipline or format, including point clouds, DWG, DGN, DXF, SHP, 3DM, and more.

The CONNECT Edition introduces several key new capabilities.

Functional Components and Parametric Modeling Enhancements

Persistent constraints Increase the range of things which can be made parametric with rich, persistent and flexible 2D constraints which can also be used to create 3D model content
Functional components Create flexible model content that is preconfigured with a range of variants, including embedded properties, links, and documents to speed creation and re-use.
Integration with ProjectWise Catalog Services Conveniently share and access information-rich model content including components from a wide range of manufacturers and standards bodies, and your own project-specific content.

Documentation Center

Simplified sheet indexing Use a central location to index sheets and control the number, order and properties of sheets to make publishing of deliverables easier.
Accelerated sheet creation and layout Employ a common approach to sheet layout and creation to enable teams to consistently build drawings and facilitate higher quality sheet sets.
Property driven display rules Simplify and streamline the control of the appearance of drawing objects based drawing standards and object properties for consistent and repeatable publishing of deliverables.
Property driven reports Display tabular information on drawings, populated automatically from object properties.
Property driven annotation Place notes, labels and leadered text on drawings that are defined and kept up-to-date with the design as it progresses.

Streamlined User Experience

New streamlined user interface Access tools more quickly from an intuitive ribbon layout, quickly access related tools for specific workflows, more quickly find and use the tools you need with new search capabilities, and access the most common tools right at your cursor.
Personalized recommendations for news and learning Confidently work in the right context for each project with the required settings and standards automatically applied. Take advantage of personalized recommendations to help you get the most from your use of the software.
Support for CONNECTED projects More easily and reliably access your designs, and adhere to project-specific standards and settings, no matter which device you use because everything in the CONNECT Edition is associated with a project.

Reality Modeling

Native support for reality meshes Design more quickly within the context of real-world conditions by integrating reality meshes within your design environment.

For a complete list of MicroStation capabilities, Click here.

MicroStation is Relied Upon for Speed, Power, Precision, and Confidence in:

  • 47 of the Top 50 ENR Design Firms
  • 299 of the Bentley Infrastructure 500 Top Owners, the largest owner-operators of infrastructure assets around the world
  • 47 of the U.S. state departments of transportation
  • 143 countries
  • 13 languages