Design and Document Inside Plant for Communications Networks

Who Uses Bentley Inside Plant V8i?
CATV Providers

The CATV industry continues to compete in the race to provide businesses and consumers with more services. It requires an increasingly complex network and having quality information about the network is critical.  Large and small CATV providers engineer and manage their networks with Bentley Fiber and Bentley Coax, while documenting their Headend with Bentley Inside Plant.

Telecommunications Providers

IXCx, ILECs, PTTs, CLECs, RBOCs, and rural telephone cooperatives require a highly accurate intelligent network model to support the plethora of services they offer and to ensure customer satisfaction is at it highest level in a highly competitive industry. Many take advantage of the full complement of Bentley communication solutions—including Bentley Inside Plant to design, manage, and document central offices and POPs.


Whether a public utility involved in community broadband or a private utility offering network services, Bentley Inside Plant is a cost-effective solution for designing and managing the inside plant portion of a communications network. Utilities who also take advantage of Bentley’s utility solutions can manage their fiber network in common environment with their utility networks.


Governments who manage their own network facilities utilize Bentley Inside Plant to manage and document their communication equipment and network. These include state departments of transportation who maintain a fiber network for operational use, local governments providing community services, and national entities, such as military installations that design and operate their own communications networks

 Network Engineering Firms

Engineering firms providing service to the communications industry use Bentley Inside Plant for cost-effective engineering and documentation of their projects

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Blue Ridge Communications

Guadalupe Valley Telecommunications Cooperative

KeySpan Communications


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