Bentley AXSYS®.Process - Front End Engineering Design and Process Engineering Software

Front-End Engineering Design Software for Process Engineering

In any major plant project, 80 percent of the capital expenditure is committed during the conceptual design phase.  Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) must be done correctly to impact capital expenditure, and Bentley’s AXSYS®.Process is the 2D FEED product to achieve better front-end engineering and help minimize capital expenditure.

Bentley AXSYS.Process is a powerful front-end engineering design (FEED) system that streamlines the workflow for conceptual plant design. It improves FEED by allowing increased evaluation of conceptual design cases as well as leveraging corporate knowledge to reduce capital expenditure.

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Optimizing Front-End Engineering Design generally entails spending time evaluating alternative designs and then selecting the best case from these alternatives. AXSYS.Process allows users to perform more designs in less time and better evaluate these designs in order to find the most cost-effective case. AXSYS.Process has helped major chemical companies, such as Mitsubishi Chemical, reduce a FEED project duration by 45 percent and reduce engineering man-hours by 50 percent, yielding a final cost-to-market reduction of about 50 percent.

How does AXSYS.Process achieve these results?  It does it by:

  • Allowing the Process Engineering team to rapidly prepare and evaluate design alternatives and case studies
  • Creating consistent process designs in the shortest possible time
  • Leveraging corporate knowledge to achieve best practices
  • Interchanging process simulation and engineering design data in a common environment, thus ensuring data consistency

AXSYS.Process delivers:

  • Interfaces with all the major process simulators, including HYSYS, AspenPlus, UniSim, and Pro/II, so you can use your system of choice and properly manage the resulting data. Data from multiple simulation runs can be easily compared and new design cases quickly generated
  • Automatic creation of Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs) and Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs) using project-specific symbols and drawings that can be output to multiple drawing formats
  • Integration with the major heat exchanger applications such as HTRI and HTFS for faster heat exchanger design
  • Use of Microsoft Excel to provide easy data entry and generation of intelligent datasheets and reports in your specific formats
  • A managed workflow that incorporates graphics, data, and work management for each user and tracks changes during the project, allowing users to revert to previous designs
  • Intelligent documents and data that can be transferred into detailed design products, including Bentley AutoPLANT and Bentley PlantSpace
  • Improved Front-End Engineering Design, which helps reduce capital expenditure as proven by users




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