eB Information Manager

Information Management Services for Asset Lifecycle Management

eB Information Manager is the foundation of Bentley’s AssetWise system of servers and services. It helps you control information and manage change throughout the asset lifecycle, ensuring the delivery of accurate, trusted information to operations and maintenance teams — wherever and whenever it is needed. eB uniquely integrates configuration and change management best practices to deliver asset information management services throughout the infrastructure asset lifecycle.

Modern enterprises spend billions of dollars on information technology software for document management, project scheduling, engineering design, human resources, accounting, and so on. These critical enterprise applications manage information within their own systems and, at times, share information with other systems. However, there’s no capability to manage changing information relationships across all systems. This can result in vital information “slipping through the cracks.” eB Information Manager gives users access to everything mapped, modeled, and simulated in the engineering information model for increased asset performance, improved project quality, effective management of change (MOC), electronic plan review, reduced errors, and improved safety, providing superior digital asset management for your infrastructure.

eB Information Manager links interrelated information, no matter what discrete information system it resides in, no matter what the format — structured or unstructured, paper or electronic, documents or physical objects, business processes or people. Information is exposed, along with its status and relationships, to other relevant information assets, ensuring that workers have access to accurate information, in context. Visibility to related information enables better decision making, as well as thorough change impact analysis through eB's standardized reporting.

Key Benefits

  • Improves operational efficiency
  • Improves quality and safety
  • Reduces costs
  • Enforces information governance polices to meet regulatory compliance
  • Minimizes business risk
  • Helps capture and maintain institutional knowledge

Primary Server Products

The following eB Information Manager products provide services that are applicable to a broad range of enterprise applications:

Desktop Applications/Clients

  • eB Web Interface/Web Server: The eB Web Interface and eB Web Server is the primary interface and provide users with web access to eB communities through a standard web browser. The features that are exposed in the user interface depend on the specific eB Web plugins that are installed on the eB Web Server. The pluggable nature of the eB Web Server allows the user interface to be extended and modified to conform to the particular end user requirements, if required.
  • eB Engineering Designer: A desktop application specifically aimed at users working with engineering workflows related to asset configuration management, modification management including engineering change packages, concurrent engineering scenarios, and formal construction closeout processes. The application is optimized for the relative complexity that exists in an engineering environment where change is both formally controlled and occurs frequently.
  • eB CADconnect: Integrates MicroStation and AutoCAD applications with eB Information Manager, allowing these applications to directly access and save CAD models to the eB repository.
  • Bentley Navigator Mobile: Navigator Mobile provides powerful review capabilities to intuitively navigate 3D architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) models and documents. With Navigator Mobile, users can view relevant object information to identify and resolve conflicts, and ensure construction meets model specifications. Navigator Mobile utilizes next generation i-models, which can include content from virtually any common AEC design application.
  • Field Supervisor iPad App: An app for the iPad that enables confident, real-time decision making at construction sites. Field Supervisor provides construction field workers with onsite views, personalized for their specific project roles, into multiple project data, ensuring real-time decisions are made using the most relevant and current information. Field Supervisor connects to multiple project data sources, including Bentley's eB, which controls information throughout the lifecycle of change.

Integration Services

AssetWise for Nuclear Software Configurations

The worldwide nuclear community is perhaps the most heavily regulated industry in the world. It also is closely integrated, sharing best practices and many common guidelines that are overseen by organizations such as the International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA) and the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO).

Bentley’s Nuclear configurations comply with nuclear industry guidelines and are designed and implemented with the support and guidance of nuclear users to ensure that they meet facility needs. Visit the AssetWise for Nuclear software configurations page for more information.