Bentley Infrastructure 500 

2014 Bentley Infrastructure 500
Top Owners Ranking

The Bentley Infrastructure 500 is a ranking of the top owners of infrastructure around the world from both the public and private sectors that is published annually. The rankings make it possible to readily compare investment levels across types of infrastructure, regions of the world, and public and private organizations.

Bentley Systems has compiled the Bentley Infrastructure 500 to help global constituents appreciate and explore the magnitude of investment in infrastructure and the potential to continually increase the return on that investment. The BI 500’s value, at over US$16.7 trillion, is close to the 2013 GDP of the U.S. and exceeds the combined 2013 GDPs of China, Japan, and the United Kingdom. Bentley is committed to enhancing infrastructure investment returns through information modeling in integrated projects to create intelligent infrastructure.

Data Results for 2014

Top 10 Owners in the Bentley Infrastructure 500

Rank Company Name Headquarters Country Infrastructure Value*
(millions USD)
1 UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT United States 360,900
2 GAZPROM Russia 248,401
3 EXXON MOBIL CORPORATION United States 243,650
5 ROYAL DUTCH SHELL Netherlands 191,897
7 HIGHWAYS AGENCY United Kingdom 185,875
9 CHEVRON CORPORATION United States 164,829
10 ROSNEFT Russia 162,852

*As measured by reported net tangible fixed assets.

Top Owners’ Infrastructure
Value by Country
Top Owners (Count)
by Country
Top Owners’ Infrastructure
Value by Sector
Top Owners (Count)
by Sector
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About the Bentley Infrastructure 500

The Bentley Infrastructure 500 ranks owners according to their reported tangible fixed assets (or other comparable noncurrent physical assets such as buildings or fixed structures, land, and machinery). Included in the rankings are public- and private-sector entities with financials reported in the past three years (to allow flexibility in varying reporting schedules). The values presented are assessed net of depreciation and amortization and calculated to exclude, where data is available, assets not representative of infrastructure, such as equipment, furniture, and software.

Additional footnotes:

  • Data sources for this ranking include financial statements and third-party data providers.
  • All values have been translated into U.S. dollars (millions).
  • Majority-owned subsidiaries with parents already in the rankings have been excluded (unless explicitly reporting separate financials).

The Bentley Infrastructure 500 is updated annually. Please fill out this form if you wish to provide new or updated information about your organization for consideration in the 2015 edition of the Bentley Infrastructure 500.

Disclaimer: These rankings are based on information available to us concerning the tangible fixed assets of each entity. They incorporate discretionary judgments and are necessarily inexact for a number of reasons, including that information publicly available may not be up to date, information is not equally available concerning every entity, values must be converted from different currencies, and in some cases estimated non-infrastructure values must be deducted from overall asset figures to approximate the value of tangible fixed assets. Bentley Systems, Incorporated expressly disclaims all representations and warranties as to the accuracy of the information or its suitability for any purpose. Please fill out this form if you wish to provide new or updated information about your organization for consideration in the 2015 edition of the Bentley Infrastructure 500.