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South Dock Bridge

Arcadis’ South Dock Bridge reducing embodied carbon emissions

Sustainability Challenge

Healthy Cities

A 3d model of a bridge over a body of water.

Story Highlights

Relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

SDG Goal 9 industry, innovation and infrastructure.

SDG Goal 11 sustainable cities and communities.

SDG Goal 13 climate action.

Utilized Software

Bentley Configuration Explorer, CONNECTION Client, GeoStudio, iTwin, Leapfrog Geo, Leapfrog Works, OpenBridge Designer, OpenBridge Modeler, OpenGround, PLAXIS, ProjectWise





The new South Dock pedestrian bridge in London’s iconic Canary Wharf will improve urban connectivity and encourage active sustainable transport, as well as lower carbon emissions and improve air quality. Designed as a bascule bridge with an overall span of 75 meters and a lifting span of 35 meters, the project presents technical and architectural challenges, which include a striking aesthetic design as well as counterweighted bascule spans and bridge operating equipment within the north abutment, both of which will reduce energy use. Arcadis used Bentley applications to establish a connected data environment and a federated model that accurately visualizes subsurface geology. Through digital planning and design, the team reduced embodied carbon and provided a basis for construction monitoring and proactive maintenance, minimizing environmental impact beyond simply providing accessible, low-carbon transportation.