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Port Authority of New South Wales: A Case Study in Digital Transformation

Digital Twin of seaport areas is driving sustainable development of the blue economy

Sustainability Challenge

Climate Action & Land and Water Resources

The sydney harbour bridge is shown in a 3d model.

Story Highlights

Relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

SDG Goal 9 industry, innovation and infrastructure.

SDG Goal 11 sustainable cities and communities.

SDG Goal 13 climate action.

Utilized Software

CONNECTION Client ContextCapture, ContextCapture Viewer, OpenCities Map, OpenCities Planner, Orbit 3DM Import and Upload Tool, iTwin Experience




Port Authority of New South Wales

Port Authority of New South Wales manages numerous seaports along the southeastern coast of Australia. To be responsible stewards of the Australian coast, Port Authority needed to carefully manage its assets by moving beyond a 2D environment with static plans and maps. The organization realized that a living digital twin of all its facilities could improve their understanding of the current state of all assets and the environment, helping them fine-tune operations and undertake new projects with a high level of confidence. Using Bentley applications, they created 3D models tagged with detailed engineering and environmental data, captured and processed fresh images of the facilities, and published the models and site data into a unified digital twin. The visualization reduces the need for site visits, and digital management empowers a variety of projects that benefit the local economy. The digital twin of the seaport areas is improving safety, livelihood, and ocean ecosystem health, and are actively driving the sustainable development of the blue economy.