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Kenya Nationwide Airborne Geophysical Survey

Kenya Geological Survey establishes a nationwide map of the country’s natural resources

Sustainability Challenge

Climate Action & Land and Water Resources

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Story Highlights

Relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

SDG Goal 1 no poverty.

SDG Goal 6 clean water and sanitation.

SDG Goal 7 affordable and clean energy.

Utilized Software

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Kenya Geological Survey

To keep their country resilient, overcome climate change challenges, as well as keep up with a growing population, the government of Kenya initiated a nationwide survey to create a detailed inventory of the country’s natural resources using the latest geospatial data to accurately update and revise long-outdated maps for a wide range of resources. These resources include critical aspects for sustainable development, such as forest cover, water bodies, geothermal energy potential, and rare earth elements. Establishing a nationwide map efficiently drives geothermal energy production, alleviates water access issues, and scales up responsible mining, which is particularly critical for energy transition pathways. The accurate and comprehensive information collected strongly supports the nation and communities in multiple sustainable development goals, including energy transition and access to clean, affordable water, among many others.