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Noida International Airport – Infrastructure Design

How 3D Digital Models Enable Sustainable Water Management for India’s First Net-zero Airport

Sustainability Challenge

Land and Water Resources

An image of an airport with airplanes parked in front of it.

Story Highlights

Relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

SDG Goal 9 industry, innovation and infrastructure.

SDG Goal 12 responsible consumption and production.

SDG Goal 13 climate action.

Utilized Software

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Ramboll India Pvt. Ltd.

In addition to being designed as India’s first net-zero airport, Noida International Airport features a water, wastewater, and stormwater network that can collect water for reuse while protecting against major flooding events through efficient drainage. To overcome the challenge of designing for the complex facility, Ramboll India created 3D digital models that helped them develop an effective, sustainable water system that seamlessly connects to all elements of the airport while lowering lifecycle carbon emissions. The water network will prevent flooding for at least 100 years while lowering the need for outside sources of water by 90,000 cubic meters per year.