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MARUI – Plant Design

Recycling Plastic Bottles with Digital Solutions and Circular Design

Sustainability Challenge

Land and Water Resources

A group of plastic bottles in a green frame.

Story Highlights

Relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

SDG Goal 9 industry, innovation and infrastructure.

SDG Goal 12 responsible consumption and production.

SDG Goal 14 Life below water logo.

Utilized Software

Bentley Software




Polymetrix AG

MARUI is a circular recycling design-build facility that converts postconsumer plastic bottles into food-grade recycled products. Polymetrix used Bentley applications to establish a connected digital environment where all parties could clearly understand the project as it progressed. Compared to similar projects, MARUI was completed 5% to 10% faster with an increase in resource productivity of 10% to 20%. The digital solutions are also used during operations, ensuring steady, efficient plastic recycling.