• HoleBASE

    Accelerate Your Geotechnical Data

State of the Art Geotechnical Knowledge Management System

Staying in control of your geotechnical project data and streamlining reporting throughout every stage of a site investigation is important for reliability and efficiency. HoleBASE helps you maintain your company brand through customizing your template design, whilst allowing you to present your geotechnical data to your clients in a tailored format. The intuitive interface can be used to visually create and standardize the presentation of boring logs, cross sections, site plans, and CAD profiles. Users can pick up its simple design techniques quickly for a more efficient learning curve, ensuring that many colleagues can quickly and efficiently change your template designs when required.

  • Control and Customize Your Reporting Standards

    • Customizing your template design helps you maintain your company brand whilst allowing you to present your geotechnical data to your clients in the best possible format.

      HoleBASE Template Studio enables you to create customized report templates. The intuitive interface can be used to visually create and standardize the presentation of boring logs, cross sections, site plans, and AutoCAD® Civil 3D Profiles.

      HoleBASE Template Studio has been designed so that users can pick up its simple design techniques quickly. This gives you a shorter learning curve and ensures that you are not reliant on a single member of staff to change your template designs.

  • Data Analysis

    • HoleBASE gives you an interactive site investigation report. Learn how to ask questions and HoleBASE can highlight the answers for you.
  • Dynamic Data Analysis Using Microsoft Excel

    • Allow extended and automated analysis and reporting in an environment that you are already familiar with by linking spreadsheets directly to your Enterprise cloud system. Engineers and environmental scientists use Excel spreadsheets almost every day. Therefore, it's important to quickly and efficiently get data from your data management solution into Microsoft Excel®.

      A live connection ensures that any data reported is always the latest revision and can be presented in a customized format that you are happy with by using standard Excel tools.

  • Get Someone Else to Enter Your Data

    • A lot of time and money is wasted by re-entering data. Even worse, the QA time requirements to ensure errors have not been introduced are often overlooked.

      HoleBASE is built on the two golden rules of data entry:
      1) Only do it once
      2) Get someone else to do it

      If you have data already in gINT, AGS, or another system, HoleBASE can import it through one of the native importers or via Excel so you don’t have to retype your data.
  • Historical Data Becomes Knowledge

    • Your historical data is one of your organization’s competitive advantages, and HoleBASE will allow you to quickly locate this information and include it within any desk studies.
  • Integrate Geotechnical Data within the BIM Process

    • Visualizing and sharing your data in a 3D BIM environment greatly enhances your understanding of your site and increases the quality of your engineering output. Production of drawings, models, and annotations are much faster with the dynamic connection into AutoCAD® Civil 3D provided by the HoleBASE Civil Extension.

      The dynamic connection allows you to automate the updating of your drawings and models as soon as new data becomes available, allowing you to see updates to your geotechnical models with a single click.

  • Web Portal

    • Securely share geotechnical data with your team, selected members of your supply chain, and clients. Easily share selected project data with your teams and meet the reporting requirements of your clients. Quickly access data and documents, track progress, and generate reports via a standard web browser without installing additional software.

      The HoleBASE Web Portal enables selected members of your supply chain to securely upload and automatically validate data submissions, against your specific project specification, significantly increasing data management efficiency, improving data quality and streamlining the flow of data from your contractors and laboratories.
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