• QGC Pty Limited

    The Journey from Physical Assets to Digital Assets for the Queensland Curtis LNG Project

    Gladstone, Queensland, Australia

Project Summary

One of Australia’s largest capital infrastructure projects, QGC’s Queensland Curtis LNG project in North East Queensland began providing cleaner hydrocarbon energy in the form of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in 2014. The project includes over one million items of equipment, spread over 4,500 square kilometers, that has to be managed, tracked, and maintained for ongoing operations. Each item had up to 20 data attributes including related assets, documents, and data.

To provide access to this data, QGC developed a master tag registry and engineering data warehouse using AssetWise ALIM to consolidate more than 20 million pieces of information. Engineering design data from multiple contractors was converted into the iModel format to enable easy access, and improve collaboration. This provided a complete history of every item in the engineering data warehouse on demand.

The engineering data warehouse allows QGC to identify every location where an item is installed. Every item and its associated data has a full audit trail and comprehensive tag, document, and installed item list. QGC’s engineering data warehouse is available through a single portal and shared across the 4,500-square mile project area and among the multiple parties involved. The ultimate solution will then be available to the maintenance and operations groups to use throughout the asset lifecycle.


AssetWise ALIM provided transparency and traceability in data ownership for QGC’s engineering data warehouse. Using iModels provided a standard accessible format for all design elements across the entire project. This solution helped QGC save considerable time locating information from disparate systems and sharing information across applications.

  • The centralized data warehouse manages, tracks, and maintains over 20 million items of information for equipment spread over 4,500 square kilometers.
  • All of the Queensland Curtis LNG project data is available to all the parties involved through a single portal.
User Quote:
  • “QGC evolved into a data-centric organization. We pioneered the consolidation of our engineering design based on Bentley i-models, and we have delivered to our operations team the information they need to operate and maintain multiple facilities efficiently through a single intelligent information portal.”

    Karl Harridence Project Manager QGC Engineering Data Project