SYNCHRO Control is a construction document and task management web solution. It is enhanced by the SYNCHRO Field app, which provides field information with offline document access. Now, you have mobile and web-based construction management environments that improve project outcomes, productivity, and profits. Here’s what’s new with SYNCHRO.

Manage projects in one dashboard

With SYNCHRO Control, easily manage multiple projects in several locations at once with a single dashboard. View current projects and check on status, issues, and important updates. You can now have one place for your entire team to access, manage, collaborate, and analyze all construction project data.

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SYNCHRO Control project dashboard view.

Implement geo-location services

With SYNCHRO Control, work with location-based data for your horizontal and linear projects, where special and complex logistics are necessary. Display your data in map or 3D model views and pinpoint exact references on a map.

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SYNCHRO Control project creation screen to add a map view with geo-located enabled services.

Identify issues on site

Use SYNCHRO Field on the jobsite for real-time risk management and improved communication. Quickly upload a geo-located image to give exact coordinates and follow a templated process to submit the issue, identifying problems early and mitigating future risk.

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SYNCHRO Field issue creation on an iPad.

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