OpenPlant and PlantSight

OpenPlant helps engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) companies design and manage plant engineering information while PlantSight helps owner-operators increase asset performance and reduce operating costs. Together, you can align engineering and operations to realize the power of digital twins. Here’s what’s new with OpenPlant and PlantSight.

Design the digital twins

OpenPlant supports integration with PlantSight that enables OpenPlant users to deliver digital twins for all their projects. OpenPlant users can leverage PlantSight to support distributed teams, utilize component-based workflows, and track and manage changes. The digital twin ensures consistent and up-to-date engineering information across the design phase with continuous handover into operations.

PlantSight OpenPlant
Ensure consistent and up-to-date engineering information

Build the digital twins

Combine engineering information from Excel, piping and instrumentation diagrams, and 3D models from multiple different software packages to build digital twins. Consolidate engineering information into a defined, consistent format. Create a visual respresentation of the plant by combing a reality mesh with digital engineering models.

PlantSight Reality Modeling
Create a visual respresentation of the plant.

Operate the digital twins

PlantSight enables operations users to see the plant process and machine performance as part of the digital twins. Users can view dashboards and create filtered information views based on operational information, such as operating status or inspection dates. Not only can users investigate performance, but they can also take action based on their informed decisions before disruptions occur.

PlantSight Pumps
Investigate asset performance and make informed decisions.

Maintain the digital twins

You can maintain a view that captures how, when, and by whom the digital twin was changed. See change history graphically or in a data format. Determine the impact of any change to ongoing operations.

PlantSight version compare
Maintain a view of changes.

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