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OpenRail Designer

OpenRail Designer introduces a new, comprehensive modeling environment for streamlined project delivery of rail network assets. This environment unifies design and construction from concept through commissioning and completion. The application delivers a high performance, immersive, 3D modeling environment that enables instantaneous and interactive parametric modeling of rail corridors. 
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  • Analyze rail and sleeper placement

    • Rail placement capabilities ensure calculation of precise rail coordinates and joints with track widening tables and cant data. You can also create simple and long sleepers based on your geometry and turnout locations.
  • 分析铁轨回归

    • ​使用回归分析将轨道数据勘测转换为完整线形。从各种勘测数据类型(包括过渡类型和斜面)中确定最合适的轨道几何线形。然后您可以使用该几何图形来生成设计更改。
  • Automate rail drawing production

    • Utilize the Documentation Center for automated production of high-quality drawings, including multi-discipline documentation sets that are consistent across the entire project. Get a live view of the project in sheet orientation. As the design changes, so will the sheets. Make edits directly in the sheets and OpenRail Designer will update the source geometry.
  • 创建剖面图和截面图

    • ​从设计中的任意点创建剖面图和截面图。借助动态截面在修改设计时实时查看更新。您可以查看地面变化以反映设计编辑,包括地表特征、道路组件,和限制或车站等注释。
  • Design and analyze rail and road corridors

    • Use immersive corridor modeling capabilities that support complex modeling and file federation demands required by BIM Level 2 and beyond. Streamline the complex development of every aspect of the railway in a single, parametric presentation. You can move rapidly along a corridor at controlled intervals, viewing and dynamically designing all railway components in concert.
  • 设计与放置铁路信号

    • ​在铁路模型中配置和放置信号。建立交互信号源自车盖、方位和架杆等。然后使用线性参考来放置信号并确定相对于轨道的方位。如果需要,可以生成同一个信号方案的地理信息和图表视图。
  • 在空间环境中设计

    • 清楚地了解现有条件,轻松地使图像,点云,三维实景网格与设计和建筑模型成一体,加速设计建模工作流。 集成的地理空间信息保证模型精确的地理定位。
  • 设计铁轨排水系统

    • 确保铁路设计中包含合适的排水系统对确保铁路的效力至关重要。通过有效设计防止雨水或洪水损坏铁路网,可减少铁路网维护成本并提高可用性。
  • 设计轨道几何图形

    • ​结合调查、设计规则和运营需求,为轨道生成最优几何图形。使用工程设计工作流生成符合当地设计规则的水平和垂直线形及斜坡设计。
  • Design yard, station, and siding

    • With easy-to-use geometry capabilities and a comprehensive turnout library, you can create yard, station, and siding designs. Rule-based track elements ensure easy adaptation to design changes.
  • Design rail overhead line systems

    • Use local standards and geometry of the underlying track to make span calculations, locate foundation locations, and calculate height and stagger values for your wire runs. Parametric design capabilities enable modeling of cantilever sets, masts, and portals. Produce schematics and 3D models of your OLE system.
  • 复用常用设计布置

    • 使用土木工程单元确保实施标准、提高设计质量并消除重复设计通用配置的需要。如果您可以设计,土木工程单元就可以处理。对土木工程单元的简洁性和复杂度没有限制。
  • 可视化设计

    • 借助约束驱动的模板、上下文敏感的直观界面和动态三维建模工具体验实时设计。在建模工作流中按需随时将设计可视化。无需执行转换、软件或特殊工作流流程。
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