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ConeZONE 可根据联邦和州/省标准快速完成交通管制平面图设计,以确保工人和驾驶员的安全,最大限度地减少交通延误,并避免工作区中的项目受阻。简化各种规模项目的交通管制平面图创建,包括封路、公用事业工程、活动策划、绕道以及分多个阶段和时段完成的重大高速公路项目。

无论您是从内置标准布局开始还是从头开始,都可以快速设计出具有软件内置的工作区标准的精确交通管制平面图。您随时可以查阅统一交通管制设备手册 (MUTCD) 第 VI 部分——不仅仅可用作参考,还可用作自动设计工作区时的电子版标准。加载道路平面图、工程底图或航拍照片;选择工作区的类型;根据所选的速度限制,在所需设备自动准确地绘制时进行查看。

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  • Access standard devices signs and tools

    • Access a library of standard work zone signs and devices within the software. Users can add their own devices and signs for use in their plans. ConeZONE devices are vector CAD files, not just graphic symbols. Reports show actual sign codes, areas, costs, and any other information needed for tracking.
  • Access sign templates

    • Speed up work with the ability to build libraries of devices, layouts, or entire projects. When a template from one Traffic Control Plan is applied to a similar work zone but with different road geometry, the traffic control details are calculated relative to the new road geometry.
  • Automate layouts

    • When devices are inserted or removed or when tapers are changed, the entire layout is lengthened or shortened automatically. Layouts can be manually moved along the alignment so that, even with automation, users have full control of their traffic control plans design.
  • Comply with state and federal traffic control standards

    • Federal standards for temporary traffic control layouts and specifications for approved devices are built into the software. Implement built-in standards for all devices and all layouts included in Part VI of MUTCD of your jurisdiction.
  • 进行工程估算

    • 提供列出所需设备的建议数量、面积、成本和其他规范的图纸与表格
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